Thursday, May 15, 2008

Up! Up! And...Oy Vey!!

Last week I made the most of the dwindling time I had with my students to get the things done that I absolutely needed help with. We pulled off some herculean efforts, and I managed some feats of brute strength that surprised not only my impressionable young proteges, but myself as well. And I came away from it sore, but in a good way. So why is it that today, after lifting nothing heavier than a grade book, can I not move my left arm without extreme pain? If the day after we hauled a 200 pound shelf unit up onto the second level of the shop I couldn't move it would have made sense. Waking up after a day of sitting in my office in agony just isn't fair.
::::end whining::::

Yesternight was held a screening of the movie we shot in January specifically for those of us in the cast and crew. I was dreading it, as I had read about half of the script, and it seemed to be another stupid sit-com style movie. But, since I was expected to show, I did. And I am forced to admit that the movie is actually enjoyable. As you might recall, most of January and some of February was taken up with shooting a film called Misconceptions, which is a tale of a religious fundamentalist wife who agrees to be a surrogate mom for a gay couple. We busted our collective buttocks to get the sets built, and overall it was an aggravating and exhausting experience, and one I would not care to repeat. That being said, however, watching the rough cut of the movie last night was actually a lot of fun. I don't imagine it will ever get a true theatrical release, but it might show up on HBO some time. And I even made it on camera for about 1.5 seconds. :-)

We have also called off the great cell phone experiment. Yesterday we got a new land line, and new number. If you desire my digits drop me an email at wihtgar at gmail dot com and I'll hook you up.

On the video blog front, I am being thwarted by some electronic gremlins. Blogger does not allow you to simply put video on your blog. It has to be hosted somewhere else, then linked to the blog. I have an account at Vimeo, and have tried uploading the video several times. It is time consuming, as the file is quite large, and each time the result has been the audio out of sync with the video. I even tried breaking the file into three smaller chunks, but the results were the same. I haven't abandoned it, but it may take a while to figure out. Anyone have any ideas?

And lastly I feel so...well, I don't know what to say. In honor of Turtle's and Sheep's upcoming nuptials I bought a new outfit. I can honestly say that, discounting my own wedding, I've never purchased an article of clothing specifically for a wedding. It was actually kinda fun. (I feel pretty, oh so pretty...)

Hasta, y'all,


Turtle said...

Welcome to the age of old. At least the age of starting to complain about getting old. Things that we used to take for granted, like moving furniture around, are now tasks that take effort, and need recovery time...

I have no idea 'bout the v-blogging... I used to be pretty hip to the latest technology. Now, that train is has gone from steam to bullet, and I'm just clinging desperately to the caboose, hoping not to fall off...

I assume the CoA is over the hiccups?

I'll email you seperately to get the digits...

Marius said...

Alas, no. The hiccups are better, but not gone. The daktari she saw on Monday was stumped. They seem to be getting a bit better, and it takes her a bit longer each morning to start, but come evening it's hiccup city.

celebhith said...

Yep, turtle's right. . . it's called getting old. . it's one reason I finally got an automatic car!

I upload my videos to youtube so I can post them on my blog, but I'm guessing that's not what you're talking about?

Stinkypaw said...

Thanks a lot! Now IO have this friggin' song in my head! Argh!

For your punishment, you'll have to post a picture of yourself in those new clothes of yours!

*humming away: I'm so pretty, oh so pretty...*