Saturday, May 10, 2008


It occurs to me that it is a violation of some law somewhere that I own no Star Trek related video games. As we are still trapped in the late 20Th century console-wise, and own a lowly PS2 for which I have seen no Star Fleet material, do any of you wondrously knowledgeable super humans know of a good PC related game? I had one for a while that required that you build a base on a planet, but since I build stuff for a living, I had no desire to do so for fun. I'm more into blowing shit up.

Mercy buckets,


rosebuckle said...

Isn't blowing things up kind of anti-star trek? It's more about negotiation and problem solving, blowing up as a last resort.


jacob ellard said...

i have no clue in terms of Star Trek games. most of the reviews that i've read have been mediocre at best. i do know that there's supposedly a Star Trek MMOG that Perpetual Entertainment has in the works. it's release date is still TBA.

although, if you're looking for a rather good action-RPG space/sci-fi game, i highly recommend Mass Effect.

Turtle said...

Blowing things up is VERY Star Trek! Especially in the original series. Kirk was a blow-em-up kind of guy...

Go to and run a search for "Star Trek" under the video games category. Click the pc games link on the left, and you've got 67 choices. Plenty to choose from, in all kinds of price ranges, and certainly you'll find at least one that piques your interest.