Sunday, May 04, 2008

I Hear and Obey

Yesterday we received our bribe...uh, I mean rebate from the gov'mint. Being the good little sheep that we are, we went shopping, since blatant consumerism is the only hope for our failing economy, right? If only more people would buy flat screen TVs and $200 Nike sneaks the war in Iraq would be a success.

Anyway, snarkiness aside, we got some clothes for the young'n, a couple of DVDs, and this:

Our monitor was dying anyway, so we splurged and got a flat screen. It's not huge, nor very expensive($199 at Best Buy), but it fits lots more stuff on it, and games look awesome. I have yet to try a DVD on it, but I imagine it will look pretty cool.
We used most of our tax refund to fix Mrs. Marius' car A/C, which has been dead for more than a year now, and I'll be getting some work done on mine next week, so I suppose I'm a patriot.

Yeah, this is boring me, too. Sorry.



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