Monday, May 05, 2008

Our Tax Dollars At Work?

And so the 2008 session of the Florida State Legislature has closed, and what have they accomplished? Let's take a look, shall we?

The annual sales tax holidays on school and hurricane supplies are history. I really can't get all broken up about this. For those of you outside of our fair state, each year the government has suspended sales taxes on certain items for a week or so. People go nuts over this, but in all honesty it amounts to a 6% off sale. Would you go out of your way for a 6% off sale? Me either.

State university tuition is going up 6%. Yeah, that sucks, but at least it's only 6%.

It will cost more to register a boat in Florida. Depending on the size of your dinghy you'll pay from $10 to nearly $100 extra. I don't have a boat, but if I did I'd be pissed, I suppose.

The Education budget was cut by $4 billion, but class size restrictions remain in effect. So we need more teachers, more classrooms, and more schools, but we get less money. Nice.

The FCAT(Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) will no longer be the sole criterion for a school's performance. Finally teachers can ease back a bit on teaching that damned test, and resume teaching the students.

Both the initiative to force teachers to present a critical analysis of evolution, and the state sponsored 'I Believe' license plate failed. Could the separation of church and state be making a comeback?

Bestiality still not illegal. Uh, enough people actually voted against this one? WTF?!

$650 million purchase of CSX track in Central Florida dies. The move to create a commuter rail line in Orlando crashed when CSX refused to sell without a clause indemnifying them from any future accident liability, even if it was their fault. For once the politicos deserve a cookie.

Pre-abortion ultrasound move fails. For two years now Rep. Trey Traviesa, R-Tampa, has tried to pass a law requiring all women seeking abortions to get an ultrasound first. They would have to sign a form saying that they did not want to view the pictures before they could get the procedure. Good riddance.

And finally, Truck Nutz, those charming ersatz-nutsacks of which I have blogged so lovingly in the past remain legal. The Senate agreed that they should be covered up, but the House disagreed. So the chrome cojones remain.

These are just the highlights, so if you want to see the full story in all its legalistic glory, go here.

Adios, amigos.


rosebuckle said...

All I can say about the last one is: if we were talking about hanging a pair of naked tities eevryone would be outraged!

celebhith said...

Let me point out to you that if yu could afford a boat, the gas required to run it, as well as the cost of upkeep, the registration fee uppage would bother you not one iota.