Monday, May 05, 2008


So I saw this in a dream last night, but I have no way to capitalize on it. Take an ice cream cone, put a Pocky stick in it, and sell it at Sci-Fi and Comic conventions as edible lightsabers. Fill the cone with vanilla ice cream for the good side, and chocolate for the dark side.

I need help.



Stinkypaw said...

I think you do... seriously! ;-)

celebhith said...

You were under some delusion that you DIDN'T????? Sheeeese!

Turtle said...

Yes, you need help.

What the hell is a pockey stick?

Seriously. Call me. 352-339-1279.

Marius said...

Pockey is a crispy confection, usually chocolate, favored greatly by the androgenous hordes of J-Rock* fans here in the States.

*Japanese rock.