Friday, May 30, 2008

IIIIIII Am Iron Kid!!!!

Yesternight the COA and her mother went to see the talent show at the elementary school. I had given blood that afternoon, and used it as a convenient excuse to bow out. When they returned the COA was humming a familiar riff, and when they asked me what it was I told them it was Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water. Apparently a young guitar prodigy played that, and Iron Man, and maybe an Iron Maiden song(my wife is not the best at knowing classic metal songs) which made me smile to think that a 10 or 11 year old was digging such music. The the COA made it clear that she wanted to learn to play the guitar. We talked about it, and Mrs. Marius did some research, and we found that Wal-Mart carries children's guitars for $30, which is cheap enough that if she decides after a week that it just isn't her bag, baby, then we aren't out too much green. She was thrilled when she got home today and found the instrument in her room, and after I tuned it for her(thanks to a bit of help from the intertubes) she has been locked in her room playing with it ever since.

In a related note, Mrs. Marius gave me an electric bass guitar for Christmas this year, and next Monday I'll be taking my first lesson to learn to play it. So I suspect the level of painful noises floating about the castle Marius is going to increase exponentially over the next few weeks. ;-)

Tomorrow I drive over to Cocoa Beach to watch the Space Shuttle launch. I am totally psyched!!

See ya,


Syr Turtle said...

Vurra, vurra cute!

I was thinking of maybe learning an instrument, since I have my very own musical genius now (well, soon) living under my roof... Maybe she can show me how to do something on that el cheapo mandolin I picked up years ago and never touched....

Anonymous said...

I eagerly await the first world tour of the Band Marius in the (relatively) near future. Let's see, COA and Marius on guitars, turtle on mandolin. . . you need a drummer and a lead singer. . .I'm pretty sure Mrs. M can sing, so that spot's taken. . .find thyself a drummer, Sir!

Alysoun said...

I'll play keyboards :)

Wave as you pass Orlando on the way to the launch - I'll be watching from my porch :)

Stinkypaw said...

Love the look in the chicklet face! True joy! Enjoy the noise! ;-)