Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Estoy Estupido!!

Hello. My name is Marius, and I am a tard. I sat down at the computer to do an entry, but figured I'd check my messages first. I noticed I had a MySpace friend request, so I checked it out. Rather than the expected porn ad, it showed a picture of a nondescript middle-aged couple. Curious I clicked on their picture. As I did that a Windows Update window popped up. I wasn't really paying attention, and there had recently been an update, so I clicked ok. Alas, by the time it sank in to my thick skull that I had just unzipped my fly and stuck my digital willie into the piranha tank it was too late. I shut off the computer, but it is now locked in mortal combat with the CoolWebSearch malware. AdAware is chewing at it, and I have a program specifically aimed at just this beast loaded onto a flash drive, but the fact remains that I allowed a phish to bite me.

I, am a tard.

Buh bye.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But you're OUR tard and we love ou!