Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Too Sexy For My Bowl...

Lately we've discovered that the only thing worse than not finding a cat food that your cats like, is finding a cat food that your cats like. After Artemis had her last urinary tract infection the vet suggested we stop feeding her the Purina canned food, and switch to one of the more expensive, yet healthier brands. So I asked around, and tried several. The one that they go nuts for is Whiskas Purrfectly Fish. It comes in pouches that cost a little less than $.50 each, so it's not that bad. Of course it is a gross, gelatinous slab of smelly fish, and they love it more than life. Even Artemis, who could out-silence Marcel Marceau meows when it's meal time. Starbuck, who has always believed that any trip into the kitchen should culminate with the replenishment of his wet food bowl, has gone from persistent to demanding. But a few minutes ago he totally broke me up. I went into the kitchen, and he followed me, but when I looked back I saw that he had laid down on the floor, stretched himself out like he was posing for the centerfold of Playcat, and rather than meow at me he just looked up with an expression that said, 'How can you resist such gorgeousness. Surely such a handsome cat deserves a fishy reward.'

I'm afraid my laughter might have scarred his delicate little ego.

Yeah, right.

Marius the Unimpressed


Purple Pigeon said...

lol, my cat is so greedy and spoilt that when I'm eating my dinner (or indeed, anything) he will sit in front of me with his eyes glued to what im eating, and every time i move the fork to my mouth, he jumps as if im going to give him some. Greedy cat!

Anonymous said...

My dogs are the same. The greyhound eats all her food and then wants mine, but Koa is the worst (the chow mix). She just flat-out doesn't eat her breakfast OR her dinner. Would live on doggie treats if I'd let her. I call her my junk food junkie.

As for Starbuck,how could you possibly unimpressed with such feline beauty, which clearly he was displaying for your benefit???? Sheeeese! Marius, you have no soul, obviously! Give that boy some fish, dammit!

Stinkypaw said...

Tobi is the same - it think it's a cat thing! Imagine having diner with me! Ha!