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Friday, February 19, 2010

Brilliant Rebuttal

This year's Superbowl was a fantastic game, but what wasn't so fantastic was some of the commercials. Many of them were funny, my favorite being the Doritos ad where the dog put his shock collar on the asshole in the park, but an embarrassingly misogynistic and Neanderthal string of ads seemed to make the statement, 'Hey, guys. Has your wife ripped your balls off? Then drink Bud Light and drive a Dodge!' These ads made The Honeymooners seem enlightened and I found them to be annoying and offensive. So did these people:

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make dinner and do the laundry. :-)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Craig Bevan: Musician Extraordinaire

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Craig Bevan. Craig is one of the Simply Syndicated podcasters, a really nice guy, and an incredibly talented musician. Craig is participating in Live and Unsigned, a UK talent competition that could lead to a performance in front of thousands, and a recording contract. I urge you to watch the following video of Craig's latest song.

Please help spread the word about Craig. Feel free to take any or all of what I've put here and pass it along. I've seen plenty of 'amateur' performers in my day, and I'm not easily impressed, but Craig is the real deal. And if you are in the UK consider going to the show to support Craig in person.

Here is the press release from Live and Unsigned that explains things in more detail:
Local talent shines in the UK’s biggest original music competition.

Craig Bevan from Leeds has wowed the judging panel and sailed through the audition stage of Live and Unsigned. Craig will now be competing against the other most talented bands and artists in the country at the live shows of Live and Unsigned 2010 – all in a bid to be signed!
Craig battled against hundreds of auditionees to secure a spot in the live shows and now has the opportunity to prove that he is the best in the region. Acts that have made it through auditions will now take part in a live head to head battle in front of thousands of spectators and a professional judging panel to progress to the Live and Unsigned Festival at the 02 in London.
Live and Unsigned is the biggest original music competition in the UK for unsigned bands and artists. Attracting over 30, 000 entries in the past three years, it has set itself apart from its predecessors by offering and promoting originality. It’s now established as the definitive music competition for original acts and is open to all genres of music from Heavy Rock to Rap.
Chris Grayston, Events Director of Live & Unsigned explains “This competition really is worlds apart from X Factor and other TV talent contests – we’re all about originality, Live ability and credibility. We don’t accept demos or submissions and everyone auditions live. We’ve got some fantastic prizes up for grabs this year in a £60, 000 prize pool so there’s a lot of opportunity for everyone entering and not just the winners – that, along with the Festival means 2010 will be the biggest competition yet!”

All the acts that audition in the competition are battling it out for the chance to play at the Live and Unsigned Festival at the 02 in London! Which gives acts the chance to perform at the ultimate live music venue in the country. The overall winner of the competition is offered a recording and management contract with Future Music with an investment of up to £30, 000 to release their single. The winners will be crowned the UK’s best unsigned act in front of a capacity crowd on the main stage of the festival. A&R and celebrity judges last year include former Sex Pistols Manager Malcolm McLaren, pop RnB star Dane Bowers and Radio 1’s Annie Nightingale. Radio 1 DJ Greg James has already confirmed for 2010.

Acts will of course be competing for two main prizes, which include a management contract with Future Music and the opportunity to design and develop their own clothing range with Extreme State. On route the competition offers a comprehensive winners prize pool and acts will have the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes including Marshall state of the art amps, development through recording studio time in some of the UK’s finest studios and seminars and courses with ICMP. Other goodies up for grabs include an Extreme Element experience day, a year's worth of Extreme State clothing and MUZU.TV will be contributing an all expenses paid trip to Dublin to film a music video and play at a festival.

Previous winners of the competition include Kiddo 360 who went on to pick up a Vodafone Live Award, B-Kay and Kazz who broke into the top 30 charts and last year’s winners from Glasgow The Detours who have just signed an exclusive clothing deal with Extreme.

The winners of 2010 will be thrust into the media spotlight through television, radio and the press and will have the opportunity to tour the UK. The tour involves as many as 100 gigs across the UK including the chance to perform live at some well-known festivals. One contestant who has caught the judge’s eye this year is local talent Craig Bevan, now competing in the Regional Final. Craig made it through the auditions at The Willows in Salford, Manchester amongst hundreds that queued for their turn in front of the judges. Craig is now preparing for the live show on the 7th of March at The Willows for the opportunity to progress towards the Live and Unsigned festival at the O2 in London.

For more information go to the website Or better still come down and support local talent; you can purchase tickets on the door or from Craig personally.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Nerve!

Some people feel that life is too short to be spent awake.

Friday, February 05, 2010


A couple of months ago I became aware of a website called where you can set up an account and people can ask you questions anonymously if they wish. Someone suggested I give it a try, and since I am a total internet attention whore I did.( At first the questions came in slowly, and were fairly mundane, but I did my best to answer them in as smart-assed a way as I could. Soon I was getting tens of questions a day and I did my best to keep the answers at the very least weird, and hopefully entertaining. You can check them out if you wish, ask a question if you want, or don't, it's all good. But tonight someone asked me "Why? WHY?" and I'm rather proud of my answer so I thought I'd share it with you.

Because approximately 15 billion years ago something, maybe two branes colliding, caused an explosion of matter and an expansion of what we call the universe. Particles were created in this unimaginable furnace and raced at speeds in excess of the current speed of light to fill the rapidly spreading void. Soon, by cosmic standards, the heat dissipated to the point where gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces took hold and the mist of particles began to coalesce into the structures we now call planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, seahorses, artichokes, internal combustion engines, and ultimately, this website. And that, despite what a series of pleasant but fictitious books will tell you, is about as close to why as you're ever likely to get.

Sleep well, kiddies.

Marius, out!