Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ok, I goofed. I forgot to post yesterday, but I did reply to some comments, and I have made multiple posts on other days, so I'm going to call it even, m'kay? So, onward and upward. This weekend we met one of the guys with whom we play City of Heroes, henceforth referred to as Unkk, and he works at NASA. He's a fun guy to talk with, and during the course of the conversation he invited the bunch of us to join him for this weekend's shuttle launch. He is permitted to bring up to 6 guests to a special viewing area that's actually closer to the launch pad than the general public can get. Of course we said "hell yes!!" So if all goes well, and isn't that a loaded phrase, I'll have some kick-ass pics come Sunday morning. It will also make for a chock-full-o-fun weekend, since Sunday morning I'll be helping Turtle pack up his new bride's stuff for transport to parts north. I'm actually looking forward to the move. I don't care for moving myself, because I don't like the packing and unpacking, but loading trucks is fun once in a while.
Here's some homework for you. Star Trek: Enterprise. Why did, or didn't it work for you? I, of course, have some strong opinions on the subject, which I'll reserve till you lovely folkses have had your say.

Peace out, y'all.
Marius the Forgetful

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Rabid Attack Sheep said...

I'm looking forward to the move too, but I'm really hating the packing part. Of course, it might be less hateful if I had more TIME. But I spent last night shopping for a nice suit to wear to interviews as the job hunt in G'ville heats up. That leaves me tonight and tomorrow night to pack everything up so that we aren't dealing with too much loose stuff. I'll manage. There isn't that much left to pack, I think. I hope.