Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cities On Flame

The wife and I just got back from seeing Blue Oyster Cult in concert. They kicked serious ass.
Unfortunately for Mrs. Marius the venue sucked. It was a dog track, and the place reverberated like a raquetteball court. Even I had trouble identifying some of the songs at first. But, even with the crappy acoustics it was an awesome show. They played the expected songs; Burning for You, Godzilla, Buck's Boogie, and of course Don't Fear The Reaper, but they also played a few I didn't expect. Black Blade was a very pleasant surprise, as was Dominance and Submission and Before the Kiss, A Redcap. They had a few technical difficulties, and since they were the second of a three band ticket, with Foghat as the headliner, they played for a little over an hour, but it was a great hour. Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma were the only original members playing, but they were/are the spine of Blue Oyster Cult, so it was ok. And the musicians playing with them are top notch. Someday, when I win the lottery, I'll book the band for a private concert and you will all be invited.
I'll leave you with some pics from the concert.

Rock on, and remember history shows again and again how nature point up the folly of men...Godzilla!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Sooo very glad you enjoyed it! I assume Mrs. Marius did too?