Saturday, May 10, 2008

Meowma Says Knock You Out!

I just witnessed the most bizarre cat fight I've ever seen. I heard the familiar sound of two cats locked in combat outside, and noticed both Kitties-O-The-Apocalypse staring intently out the window, so I took a peek. Across the street two of the neighborhood cats were sitting in a yard, staring each other down. They were nose-to-nose, and one of them was yelling loudly, while the other one just stared. They didn't move for several minutes, then there was a flurry of punches. As quickly as the movement started, it finished with neither having gained an upper hand, er, paw. This is where it got interesting. With eyes still locked, one of them very, very slowly laid down in the kitty loaf position, and very, very slowly turned his head away and set about to deliberately ignore his opponent. The other one, moving with equally glacial deliberateness, slowly turned to inspect the grass. It was as if they realized that they were both equally matched, and spontaneously decided, grudgingly, to share the yard. Might there be a metaphor in there? Hmmmmmmm.


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