Monday, May 12, 2008

Mmmmm, sake.

Betcha thought I'd messed up already. Nah, just had sushi and sake for dinner. When I'm in the mood, sake is a wondrous thing. If you are unfamiliar with sake, it is a Japanese rice wine that, like its homeland, is not all it appears. It is easy to drink, and is best when warm. But it is a sneaky buzz. If you've ever seen any depictions of a drunk shogun, they just sit there and say little. That's what sake does. I can easily imagine a monk drinking some sake and contemplating a pebble for a couple of hours. In this case my pebble is American Gladiators. It's a guilty pleasure, but as reality TV goes at least the competition is real. And we got some good news tonight...Last Comic Standing starts up again in a couple of weeks. That's a fun show.

OK, I'll see y'all tomorrow.


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Stinkypaw said...

I sang because of sake! In front of people! In Japan!
Sake is good, despite all that... ;-)

BTW, in Japan I also drank cold sake, really good. They sell it to be drank cold.