Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ok, Here's A Real Post

So it's been an interesting, if infuriating week. The young'n started hiccuping sometime last week, and has yet to stop. We've tried all the traditional cures: breath holding, water drinking, water drinking while breath holding, scaring, honey, etc. Finally, when she started getting nauseous, and even threw up once, we took her to the doctor. That was Monday. The doctor said she had no other problems and prescribed chlorpromaz. I then took her to the zoo, since we were both playing hooky, and I hoped that maybe a day of relaxing distraction might help. We had a great time, but it didn't work.

Stopping at the pharmacy on the way home we were told that they didn't have any on hand, and we'd have to wait til Tuesday afternoon. No problem, says I, what's one more day? Alas, it was a lot. Apparently upon closer inspection it occurred to one of the pharmacists that said medication is not usually given to children, and she wanted to confer with the doctor just to be sure. Unfortunately the doctor never called them back, and closing time came and went with no meds.

Today, as I was driving to work, I called the doctor, and finally determined that they had, indeed, called the pharmacy and cleared everything up. Good. Then I get a call from the school...the young'n had to be moved to the clinic because the hiccups were disturbing the class. Shit! Of course I can understand their frustration, since we've been living with the auditory equivalent of the Chinese water torture for days now. I explained that I couldn't get back much before 1pm, but I'd do my best.

Well, we are now home, and she has her first pill in her, to no effect so far. She will probably stay home tomorrow, but her teacher sent work home, so she won't get behind, but if this medication doesn't work they'll have to live with it.

So have any of you ever had to deal with this problem? We're open to just about any recommendations at this point. I have done a couple of Internet searches on the subject, and even tried a couple of the ideas(although I think we'll leave the rectal digital probing to the professionals should it come to that).

On the up side of the news, Blue Oyster Cult is playing a gig in St. Pete on May 18. We're trying to get a sitter so Mrs. Marius can experience them first hand, but either way I'm going. It's part of a triple bill with Foghat headlining, and the Bobby Friss band as well. I'm expecting that BOC will be the second act, and since the show is supposed to start at 5:30 I expect to be out of there by 8:30 or so. Anyone else wanna come?

Well, that's about it for right now. I'm in the pre-production stage of a show I'll be directing in July, but things are still too wispy to relate just yet. But stay tuned for further updates.

Peace, y'all.


C.L.J. said...

The only thing that really, really works is soda-pop. The cheaper the better.

Chug down a grape soda or a root beer. The hiccups disappear after the second or third belch. I saw it on EMERGENCY! back in 1974: it must be true.

celebhith said...

I've always used a teaspoon of sugar, literally. The hiccups go away in a heartbeat. . .on the other hand, if you've tried everything else and they're still going on non-stop, then even the sugar might not work. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Sorry aout the little one.
Time is really all ...Hypnossis???

And Hooray for


Alysoun said...

See if you can her pediatrician to check her phrenic (spelling?) nerve for damage. My boss had the hiccups for 18 months before they properly diagnosed that his nerve had sustained damage.

Rabid Attack Sheep said...

I've got no advice, but I hope that something works soon! That poor kid! Keep us posted.

Turtle said...

I rarely get 'em (knock wood), and they go away fairly quickly for me (knock more wood), so I really don't know much about "cures".

There's the old spoonful of sugar trick, as Celebhith suggested.

You can try the breathing into a brown paper bag trick. Get a good seal and breathe in and out with 10 deep breaths.

You can also try icing the diaphragm, like you would a bruise or sprain.

Otherwise, I really don't know... Are the pills working?

Stinkypaw said...

Poor chicklet! She must be exausted as well, 'cause it does get tiresome to hiccup like that!

Hope you'll find something that works, and why am I not surprise to read that your doctor is just as "competent" as the ones I've been seeing! urgh!