Monday, November 12, 2007


Here in Florida it's that most wonderful time of the year. Publix supermarkets stock their shelves with a thick, sweet nectar that they call eggnog, but I have no doubt is distilled from the idyllic dreams of puppies and kittens. I love this stuff, as I've blogged in the past, and am grudgingly grateful that it is only available for a couple of months a year, else Marius the Hutt would be slobbing his way around the Tampa area doing his best Baron Harkonnen impression. I only bring this up because 1. my lovely wife just gave me some.(eggnog, that is), and 2. I am curious if there are any seasonal treats that you look forward to with much anticipation, and no small amount of guilt.

Bo shuuuda!


Monkey said...

Can we just say Holiday cookies? And candy? or do they have to be specific kinds? If so, then pecan fingers, Spritz cookies and those candies made out of chow mein noodles.Oh, and gravy.

snort snort!

Alysoun said...

i'm with you on the publix eggnog - drooooooooooooooool.

Purple Pigeon said...

I've never had eggnog. Am quite ashamed to admit that im not entirely sure what it is.

Can't say that theres any particular thing at any time of year that i pig out on, i just generally pig out on everything, always. Ooooh, such a gluttonous pig!

rosebuckle said...

Curse you Marius! I have also become addicted to Publix egg nog. I had never tried it until you wrote about it!

Stinkypaw said...

I think I might of had some once, and obviously it didn't leave a great impression 'cause I don't really remember.

I love fruit cake, I know, I'm weird! And my mom's donuts, taht she makes only for Christmas...

rico said...

Stuffing with gravy as well as peach pie. I could have them anytime I want of course, but I choose self denial for the rest of the year to enhance my unnatural enjoyment of them during the holidays.

Nice use of them Holy Grail graphic. Speaking of Monty Python, did you hear that Clay Aiken is taking the Sir Robin role in Spamalot!?

Marius said...

Monkey: Spritz cookies?

Pigeon: I just put a definition of eggnog on your blog, but Publix eggnog is so much different from any other. It's like the difference between English tea and American tea.

Rosebuckle: Muahahahahahahaha!

Stinkypaw: I was unaware that fruitcake was actually edible. It must be the martial arts training.

Rico: Yeah, I heard about Clay...guess from whom. I have no opinion yet. I know he can sing, but acting is something altogether different.

Monkey said...

Spritz cookies- do you like straight butter with just a hint of flour? Than it is for you. They are made using a cookie press. Really? These are common? Here is an image that might help

Maybe they are called something else in Florida? I cannot imagine a world where these delights do not exist.

C.L. Jahn said...

I can hear the Oompa-Loompas;
Yellow and thick;
drink from the jug
until you get sick;
thicker than glue
If you don't drink up
I'll take it from you!

What do you get
when you drink it with gin?
Another excuse
to drink it again!

Jamaicans, they say
like to drink it with rum!
How about another one

Egg NOG egg NOG
Sickening sweet;
Drink lots of egg nog
The holiday treat!

I am a sick, sick, man.

celebhith said...

Okay, first of all, don't you DARE crack on Clay's acting ability! Right now, he's a novice at acting, it's true, but with Mike Nichols directing him, I have no qualms at all about him being able to do the role in superlative fashion.

Pumpkin pie. . . I love a good pumpking pie. And my beloved son, J, has also gotten me hooked on Publix eggnog (which I did NOT buy the last time I went grocery shopping - saving that splurge for when he's here).

Do I know Rico?

Marius said...

Just slow down a bit, Madame Sensitive(the last syllable sounds like eve, btw). I said nothing about his acting ability. I merely acknowledged knowledge of his role.

And Rico is a wizard of some renown, known well by Celebhith, Elrond, etc.