Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Here are some completely unrelated babbles from my exhausted brain.

I once had a girlfriend who named her naughty bits Celeste. Have you ever named any of your body parts? I name my cars, but that's about it.

Yesterday I was drinking a can of store brand soda when I noticed something on the side of the can. It said: Warning: Contents Under Pressure. Handle With Care. The human race is truly doomed.

If you were stranded on a desert island, and you were starving, and had a gun with only one bullet, and on the island with you were a koala, a panda, and a manatee, who becomes dinner?

What movie have you had the highest hopes for, that produced the greatest disappointment? Not counting sequels, since they almost always suck. I'm torn between The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and VanHelsing.

Yeah, this is pretty weak. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Marius the Weary


rosebuckle said...

Biggest movie disappointment, that's easy. Stars Wars 1,2 & 3.

C.L. Jahn said...

Who would I eat first? The panda - he's the fastest and most dangerous of the three. That would give me enough energy to set up a smoker to preserve the other two, who I will hunt down after charpening some sticks.
I'd eat the koala last. They taste AWFUL; they eat EUCALYPTUS, fer goshsakes.

Monkey said...

First- I think that sign should be my personal theme statement. Kind of my catchphrase to remind everyone where I stand.
Yes to the car- no to the crotch. My first car was Pookie, then on to white ligthening, and now Crocky (green outback wagon).

Since I am an utter wimp I think I would just use the bullet on me. I doubt I'd make it in that situation and the thought of suffering would probably be too much to bear (ha! I am quite punny- okay, I'll stop)

And disappointments- the last Star Wars with the completly wooden acting and dialogue from an 8th grade LA class. Let's just say- that film contains the most unpassionate, drop dead boring love scene ever. I have worked up more emotion of a paper cut.

Stinkypaw said...

I never named mine, but did Hubby's!

Of course we are doomed, did you have any doubt about that?

I'd say the panda... but I'm not sure I would resort to use the bullet for that either, afterall it's a pretty interesting populated island.

Star Wars, the last one (or #1)

Rico said...

1. Mr. Happy
2. I got an individually wrapped toothpick once that had instructions for use printed in the smallest fine print you can imagine.
3. I'd line them up so I could get all three with the one bullet. Top of the food chain, baby!
4. Easily Highlander 2. Went in with the highest expectations, and left with bile seeping from my nostrils.

rico said...

Hmmm, missed the stipulation regarding no sequels. In that case I will have to point my critical finger at the steaming turd of cinematic void that is "Top Secret" starring Val Kilmer. You see, a certain good friend of mine who's blog name rhymes with "narius" had proclaimed to all of his friends that this movie was the end-all, hands-down, superlative best-movie-EVAR!!!!!

Marius said...

Let the record show that all I said was that I enjoyed Top Secret.(and still do, so there) Everyone knows that the true best movie EVAR was Deep Blue Sea.


Duke said...

Ok, first, didn't Marius said no sequels, technically SW 1, 2, & 3 are sequels. So, my answer for the movie I had the highest hopes for that severly disipointed: hands down no contest, it was Star Trek, the motion sickness (tm Marius). uggh. The only good thing that came out of that picture was the enterprise refit. Still my overal favorite design btw.

Hmm, manatee, taste like chicken. And I'd share it with the panda and Koala.

And yes, Top Secret was lame, now Real Genius, that was a fine film!

Marius said...

Ah, yes. STTMP. I had almost forgotten. Although if you enjoy the director's commentaries on DVD's, Robert Wise's on the special edition is very enlightening, and explains some of the reasons why the movie sucked so much.

And yeah, Real Genius is one of my all time faves.