Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ahh, family values.

Hi, and welcome to RepHoJudgeNo. I just love the Republican ideal for America. Mom cleans the house, cooks the meals, raises the children, pumps out babies on demand, while Daddy goes to work, brings home the bacon, plays ball with the boys, ignores the girls, and picks up hookers in public restrooms.

Wait a minute...picks up hookers in public restrooms?

That's right folks, the party that believes that allowing gays to marry would sully the sanctity of their oh-so-fragile God-endorsed marriages brings us yet another of their members(hee hee)busted soliciting sex in the potty. Florida State Representative Bob Allen was convicted on Friday of soliciting sex from a prostitute in a public park restroom, a second-degree misdemeanor. When sentenced he could face up to 60 days incarceration and a $500 fine. Where are your family values now, you sanctimonious party of hypocrites?
Don't get me wrong. I am not a Democrat looking to ridicule the Republicans at any opportunity. I tend to side with the Dems more out of the 'lesser of two evils' doctrine than any ideological similarity. In fact, I would love to give Washington and enema and flush all of those bloated, pampered parasites out and start fresh. But since that is not really an option we are stuck with what we've got. If the GOP actually practiced what they preach: smaller government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, I'd be all for them. But over the last two decades it seems that while the Democrats merely talk a lot and do relatively little, the Republicans have adopted a de facto F-You attitude toward the American people...wait, strike that...toward the rest of the world. It's almost as if they believe that they can do whatever they want with impunity, and how dare we question them. It still boggles my mind when I think of the millions of taxpayer dollars spent to impeach President Clinton over a hummer in the oval office, while Bush has committed acts just verging on treason, and his fellow Republicans are regularly getting busted for sexual exploits that make Clinton look like Mother-frikken-Theresa. And these pompous pricks have the nerve to say that it's the gay population that is destroying the American family! GHAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH!!!!!

[ahem]Um, sorry. Got a little carried away there. To my non-US readers I apologize for this digression that probably means little to you. However, you might take a bit of comfort in the knowledge that there are many of us here in the States who dislike our Buffoon-In-Chief just as much, if not more, than you do. I never thought I would long for the Reagan/Thatcher days, but even though I didn't like what they were doing, at least it made a lick of sense.

Ok, need more coffee.

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Stinkypaw said...

I don't have much of a political incline at all, but I find that all politicians are hypocrites.

When you wrote: "The Republicans have adopted a de facto F-You attitude toward the American people...wait, strike that...toward the rest of the world" I can't help but wonder is it only them?

I read many blogs who, like you, are not happy with their leader, and yet he was re-elected, why was that?

Marius said...
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Marius said...

I'm as puzzled by his re-election as you are. I think it was because the Republicans, and the Neo-Cons( a sub group of the Republicans who make Machiavelli seem liberal) are very good at mis-direction. They sold the scenario that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11, and irrespective of the mountain of evidence to the contrary continued to beat that drum all through the campaign. Unfortunately the number of people who actually can put 2 and 2 together for themselves are outnumbered by the people who can't analyze the data and realize that the region was much more stable before we went in there. Then there are the emotionally and religiously charged issues of Gay Rights and Abortion, neither of which are the business of government IMHO. The Republicans are against both of them, and therefore garner the support of the Christian Right, which is also not known for being deep thinkers on the whole. And here is the totally baffling part. The more hypocrisy and outright lies are exposed, the more the right wing extremists dig in and insist that a Democratic president would put Osama Bin Laden in the White House within seconds of the election. If only Canada weren't so darn cold I'd come up there.

Anonymous said...

Once again, for the record, I don't believe for a minute that W was actually truly elected OR re-elected! Money and sleight-of-hand can give you what you want - a presidency.