Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Tis the season for extremist rhetoric, tra la la la la, la la la la. How soon before the true first signs of Christmas are seen: the first lawsuit of the season? They're so cute with their 'Christmas trees offend my atheist sensibilities', or 'if the city won't pay for a 40' menorah, then I'll be damned if my tax dollars will go toward a 40' Christmas tree'! Most of you either know, or have probably figured out that I am not a religious man. In fact I'm about as close to an athiest as one can get while still being scared shitless that there really is a God and your pissing him off. But those who like to scream about the separation of Church and State need to reread the Constitution. It gurantees freedom of religion, but not freedom from religion. Personally I couldn't care less what the city, state, or federal governments do to celebrate the holidays. They're mostly just anglicized masks taped over far more ancient pagan rituals anyway, so who gives a crap. $50 billion to Iraq I'll bitch about. $5,000 for a giant tree in front of the White House, BFD. Let's hope that this holiday season is different and folks cease to bicker over the minutiae of how we celebrate this holiest of times, and focus instead on what is truly important: greed and rampant consumerism.

Happy ChristMaKwanzaChannukamas. The Flying Spaghetti Monster bless us, everyone.



Stinkypaw said...

Hi! hi! hi! It is getting ridiculous how some people just need to bicker about every little thing. I've never thought of a Christmas Tree as a religious thing, for me they indicated a time of year, like pumpkins for Halloween, only for the alst few years that I realised that some "religion" was behind this. I guess I only focused on greed and such!

Monkey said...

How did we go from yipee! Eggnog to this?

Marius said...

Sorry, Monkey. I really did not intend this one to become a screed against the whole season, I guess there was some pent up frustration there. I had read a commentary by Ben Stein decrying the Jewish rants against Christmas decorations, and I just sort of ran with it.
(sheepish grin)

celebhith said...

What Stinkypaw said.