Sunday, November 18, 2007


So here we are, just over half way through NaBlaSaMaCraRaMaLaMaDingDong and what have we achieved? I have seen wondrous things coming from the keyboards of folks like Monkey, whose exploits in seasonal confections and extemporaneous nudism make for great diversionary reading. Or Mdme. Stinkypaw, with tales of personal heroism and woe out of the Great White North that both illuminate and entertain. And the lovely and talented Purple Pigeon whose delightfully British way with words is only exceeded by her way with drawing pigeons, always brings a smile. And what of Marius...what of Marius...
Is a blog about blogging a valid subject, or merely literary masturbation just to meet an arbitrary post quota? Don't know...don't care. Gonna do it anyway. When I started this blog just prior to our escape from Louisiana I expected a few people would read it from time to time, mostly family, and that like all of my prior attempts to journalize my existence it would fade away after a few months. But almost immediately something changed in my brain and I started seeing the world through the lens of whether or not something was blog-worthy. I can't help wonder if it had something to do with Orson Scott Card's Ender series of books. In the series he predicts the Internet to some degree, and the protagonists create an online persona that foments unrest and introspection in a galaxy gone ambivalent. I always loved that concept, and I suppose a small part of my subconscious imagined me to be Demosthenes anew.(Demosthenes was the nom de plume of the characters in the books) So I suppose it is not all that surprising that I continue to blog after all. But the fact that anyone actually reads my blog on purpose still blows me away. And further, based on the polling results, the type of posts y'all dig best are the ones I figured were the most boring. You actually enjoy posts like this one, where we I am a bit disappointed that my political diatribes ranked the lowest. I guess Anderson Cooper's job is safe for the moment. ;-) But I hope you'll forgive me for the occasional dig at the ludicracity of politics.
To bring this ramble to a close, let me just thank all of you for visiting my little corner of the intertubes. It thrills me to no end when you come by and leave a comment, but even if you only lurk you have my undying thanks.

And now, breakfast. Cheers, mates!



rico said...

"People with simple minds, talk about other people.
People with average minds, talk about events.
People with extraordinary minds, talk about ideas." - Anonymous

I think that accurately describes the relative merits of blogs. Your blog is doing just fine, Marius.

Purple Pigeon said...

Ooooh, I've never been described as 'delightfully british' before. Make me want to get out my best china and a monicle and do luncheon!

I agree with you about the 'blog-worthy' thoughts. I find myself thinking about phases i could use in the blog, like 'And still I was not tempted to reach for Heat Magazine'.

By the way, many admirations for you being able to crank out a post before breakfast! What are you, some kind of superhero?

Marius said...

Nope, no superhero. Just the father of a young child and a cat who just doesn't get that we changed the clocks two weeks ago, dammit!

Stinkypaw said...

"personal heroism"?! I just call it "life", but thanks!

I called my blog "Stories-2-Tell" because I truly believe we all have stories to tell and blogging is opening doors in order to share those stories...and making new friends, even if only in Blogsville, but nonetheless...

Keep on blogging and I hope you'll forgive me for the occasional "skips" I'll do when you'll talk politics! ;-)

Now, thanks to you I have that friggin' song in my head!

AND, I've tagged you for a little meme!