Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh Canada

Hi, folks, and welcome to a fully functional edition of The Corner. Sorry about yesterday. I started getting a headache late yesterday afternoon, and by the time I got home I felt like total ass. I tried to come up with a decent blog entry, but all that dribbled out of my malfunctioning brain were the few lines of drivel that appeared herein yesternight. I beg your forgiveness, gentle readers, and hope to make amends anon. And now, the news.

On September 15th an American truck flipped and burned during an accident at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge on the U.S.-Canadian border. Two Canadian border guards, Terry MacArthur and Derek Weston, risked their lives to pull 55-year-old Leslie Hammond from the wreckage and get him safely away from the conflagration. Yesterday Hammond was taken by ambulance to the border where he and his family had a tearful reunion with the men who saved his life. He could not speak, but there were tears in his eyes as he shook hands with his saviors. His wife and sister were there to thank the men for him. The two gentlemen are to receive bravery awards from the Niagara Police Dept.

Closer to home, the clan Marius will be headed south tonight to join the MIL and FIL for Thanksgiving. I fear we will only be in town until first thing Friday morning, so pray forgive us if we limit this visit to immediate family. December, however, is the time when working for a religiously affiliated school really pays off, and I shall be in town for a good portion of it, so visits aplenty will ensue.

And now it's time for...The Obligatory Hypothetical Audience Participation Question!

Perhaps you have heard of the SETI project, which scans the heavens for any signs of artificially generated radio signals. I say they are going about it the wrong way. I think rather than passively looking to the stars, we should broadcast one song that will entice alien civilizations to want to hear more from our tiny little chunk of rock. A sort of cosmic PR campaign. Given that such a signal would need to cross millions of miles of empty space, compression is vital. Therefore the transmission can only be a maximum of ten minutes long. What one song should we broadcast, and why? I'll post my answer tomorrow.

Give me your hands if we be friends, and Marius will restore amends.

Thanks for your patience,


Alysoun said...

3rd movement, Beethoven's 9th....the one BEFORE the Ode to Joy. Speaks of and from our higher selves and if we are about putting our best foot forward, that's the foot I'm picking.

Oh! And it has to be Solti conducting the Chicago Symphony.

Anonymous said...

"Across the Universe" - through if aliens did pick it up "nothing's gonna cahnge my world" would probably be pretty far from the truth.

why this song- besides the title. Well, I can honestly say I have never met a person who does like the Beatles. And aliens probably won't speak English, so the lyrics do not matter- but the melody and mellow vibe may cause the aliens to think we are a peace-loving non-agressive group.

Anonymous said...

I would pick Vivaldi's 4 Seasons, probably Spring.

It shows the beauty of this world in music.