Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rampant Commercialism Disguised as Holiday Tradition

But then isn't that really the American Dream(tm)? Good day, and welcome to November. Here it is, the first day of, I mean NaBloPoMo(dammit that's a stupid acronym)and, as promised, here are some pics of last night's assault on the ancient candy mines of the mall. As others have noted, the tradition of going door to door, at least here in Florida, has all but vanished. We left a big bowl of candy on our doorstep lest any young ghosties or ghoulies be disappointed with our not-being-homeness, and nary a one was taken. (Sigh), I guess we'll have to eat all that candy ourselves. So here is a photo essay of our adventures.

Gotta love that timer on the camera. (and yes, I know using my armor is cheating. Gimme a break, I was tired) ;-)

Queen Amidala reborn.

As the night begins, the costume is complete.

The Queen and her retainer, Mom.

Ahhh! The colors!! MY EYES!!!

Maybe I'm getting sentimental, but this little bumblebee was just too cute.

As the evening wears on, the headpiece wears off.

One hour, a full candy bag, and two tired trick-or-treaters later, we head home.

So, did you do anything fun last night?



Monkey said...

that little girl has one completely awesome costume. Did you force it upon her, or is she into Star Wars.
What a great looking family- fantastic picture!

Stinkypaw said...

What a great Queen she made, wow! You guys are too much - so cool that you dressed up to go with her!

... and tha bumble bee was a cutie!

Nice to be able to put a face to "Marius", thanks for sharring!

Alysoun said...

those are TOO CUTE!!!! And Ms. Marius is a babe :)

I stayed home to man the candy bowl while the youngest went with his dad to roam for sugar. The oldest, at 12 and a half, has declared himself too cool for halloween.

later, I pranced naked under the stars with my coven.

celebhith said...

Daughter looked absolutely brilliant in her costume! And parental units Marius were suitably cooly attired as well! Bravo to you all!

I had to work so I shut off my outside light to keep the trick-or-treaters away, since I couldn't be home to hand out candy.

Marius said...

As I shamelessly steal Stinkypaw's comment answering format:

Monkey: Trust me, if I were going to force any Star Wars upon her it would NOT be from eps 1-3. ;-)

Stinkypaw: Thank you, and my pleasure. :-)

Alysoun: Mrs. Marius blushed a bit, and sends her thanks.

Puddy: Grinch! ;-)