Sunday, November 25, 2007

Umm, Hello, Geiko?

How do you call your insurance company and file a claim for 'falling cow'? Unfortunately a Manson, Washington man had to do just that. A 600 pound cow fell off of a cliff on November 6th and crushed his minivan. The man was quoted as repeatedly saying "I don't believe this." This reminds me of the time a motorist neglected to notice that the road he was on dead-ended in a fence, then our shed, then the back of our house. Fortunately he ran into the laundry room, so no one was hurt. Unfortunately he ran away and was never caught as far as I know. The steering column of the car was bent, presumable by his chest, so I can't imagine he got very far. I thought it was pretty funny at the time, but my folks, understandably, didn't. So what's the weirdest automotive accident/encounter you've experienced?



Stinkypaw said...

Hiting a chicken and having feathers blinding us... once I hit a little bird (I heard the noise), but couldn't see it on my way to work. At lunch time when I came out I noticed the bird was stucked in my bumper... not a pretty sight!

celebhith said...

When I was in training at the S.O. (in communications), we were required to go on 4 ride-alongs: south sector, central, north and parks.

The day I was with the northern deputy, we had stopped at a gas station on Military and Community (for those of you who know the area) to buy a soda or some such thing. We heard a loud bang and looked up to see a small white car in the middle of the intersection spinning around and the car that it had hit (a van, actually) sandwiched between a light pole and a telephone pole as perfectly as if Samantha (on Bewitched) had parked it there with her nose. The van sat between the two poles with about 6" from the front bumper to the one pole and 6" from the back bumper to the other pole. The coolest thing I've ever seen! But the poor driver had to stay in the car because an electricl wire had fallen on the hood; the elderly couple in the compact car were injured, but nothing major as I remember.