Thursday, September 01, 2005

Vitriol and Bile

I am posting a very angry, and very profanity-ridden diatribe against an ass who had the audacity to say from the pulpit that those suffering along our Gulf Coast deserved it. Because simply writing hasn't satisfied the outrage I am posting it as a comment to this, so that no one need see it if they don't want to. Yeah, it's that rough.

Your brother in rage,


Marius said...

Fuck Joe Aguillard!!! That pompous cock-sucker had the unmitigated audacity to preach that the people in New Orleans are suffering because they stored their treasures on Earth rather than in Heaven. Well I've got news for you, numb-nuts. The people who stored their treasures on Earth got the fuck out, dipshit! The people who are slowly dying in puddles of their own, and everybody else's filth are the ones who were too poor to leave. These are the meek, you stupid pile of shit! You know, the ones Jesus said to take care of? The naked, the hungry, the fucking dying, you miserable horse's ass! I really wish I was there so I could tell you this to your smarmy, toadying, asskissing face! You make me sick, you spineless worm, and I really wish I could be there on the day you actually get to meet your maker and learn just what a fucking waste of DNA you are. In my fucking opinion, of course, douchbag!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rickgar, I just heard from the Town Talk online that all Rapides parish school plus many others will be closed Friday as they send their buses to NO. Also the old Walmart building in Pineville is opened and used for a shelter along with the Colisuem or however you spell it.

Our buddy Rayon was activated and sent down on the day before landfall and has of last update been stationed at the Superbowl where he states in his own way.. Its crazy here.. nothing but madness.