Sunday, September 18, 2005

Need Some Assitance

Greetings, Gentle Readers. I would like to conduct a totally unscientific poll here. The movie Napolean Dynamite...greatest flick ever made, or dismal waste of pixels? I have been trying to decide whether to rent it or not, and lest this seem a strange dilemma, we don't get much kid-free time to watch movies, so we must rent carefully lest we end up with late fees on movies we never even got to watch. So chime in, and guide your friendly neighborhood Marius.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't tell you; never seen it.
I love Frequency, that should definitely go on your list. In addition, I hear Team America is hilarious.
Did that help?

Didn't think so, lol. ;)

Darth Fitz said...

I can give you two votes (mine & Sparky's) against the movie. It is a steaming turd & I would rather be kicked in the balls with a steel-toed boot than go through the hellish torture of watching that movie.

Marius said...

Team America is, indeed, hilarious. :-)

Anonymous said...

it was a great movie, you have to watch it with the mindset that it's not a good movie (don't hype it)
the 2nd time you watch it, it is funnier.

the problem is, it got lame when everyone (including EVERYONE) started quoting the damn thing