Thursday, September 15, 2005

Disturbed...And Liking It

I was commenting to the wife the other day that after hearing their latest single I decided that I like the band Disturbed. So yesterday she picked up 'The Sickness'. I was listening to it this morning and I had this bizarre description of the band pop into my head. I imagine that this is what it would sound like if a tribe of mountain gorillas were to become a rock band.

Check 'em out, they rock.



justin said...

I was converted by their cover of "shout". Normally I'm pretty picky about covers of my favourite cheeseball 80s tunes, but that one was great.

Marius said...

Yeah, I didn't even know it was there. I was doing laundry and listening to the album, and got some strange looks at the laundromat when I started laughing.