Thursday, September 22, 2005

Purge The Lexicon

Greetings, Gentle Readers, and welcome to a moderately pissed of version of The Corner. Herein shall I list the words and phrases I could happily go my entire life without ever hearing again. Pray feel free to add to the list.

Bling: Ok, it was cool when it was a rap code word for upscale and flashy jewelry, but now I hear it in everything from sitcoms to Burger King ads. It's time to throw this overused word into the linguistic cesspool.

Ya know what I'm sayin'?: It is the height of naivete to state that there are no cultural differences between the black and white communities in this country. For decades white folks have used 'like' and 'you know' as conversational place holders. Black folks use 'you know what I'm sayin' in a similar way. But now that rap has become so popular you hear white people using it, and it's got to stop! Black people have struggled to find a cultural identity for a long time now, but every time some affluent white kid mentions the 'bling in my pimped out ride, know what I'm sayin' it takes something away from that struggle. It doesn't make you sound cool when you talk like Snoop Dogg if you look like Doogie Howser. Besides, spinning hub caps on a Gremlin are just plain stupid.

WMD, and War On Terror: Both are overused, bullshit terms being used as a smokescreen by incompetent leaders desperate to justify their bad decisions.

ATM Machine: Ok, folks. ATM stands for Automatic(or automated) Teller Machine. ATM Machine means Automatic Teller Machine Machine. That's just repetitively redundant.

And finally, when referring to yourself and anyone else the word 'me' follows the others!!! I keep hearing 'me and my friend' on the news, in classrooms, and in commercials. I know that teachers are vastly undervalued and underpaid in this country, but such a basic rule of English is surely still being taught.

Peace out, yo. ;-)


j said...

"I'm all about..."
Like, totally, dude; that ain't right.

pikaresque said...

From my own blog:
The Name Game
Get ready folks, everything is changing in the war on terror!
Ole "W" is up to his tricks again....approval ratings for the war dropping...more and more lives being lost...
Time for a new name.
From Hunt for Osama in Afghanistan
To War in Iraq
To operation Iraqi freedom
To Global War on Terror...

TO.....are you ready???
A new acronym.

The "Global War on Terror" has been renamed the "Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism," or "Global SAVE".
Isn't that cute?
So, from a "war" to a "struggle".
Hard to win that war, huh???
But a "struggle" can go on forever! Is it a struggle?
A struggle is when a more powerful group holds down the weaker one. When it's the other way around it's called a hunt.
I guess that the "Global Hunt for Violent Extremists" wasn't catchy enough.

Again...I am so fucking sick of the Bush/Cheney Administration!!
They just do what they want....cowboy style!

They say the pendulum of things swing from one extreme to another. Hasn't it swung far enough???
It can get worse...uh, I don't know if I can take it!

As far as ATM...I've always been a fan of The Department of Redundacy Department.