Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Smile and Say Architeuthis

Oh frabjous day! Calloo, callay! He chortled in his joy.

The jabberwock has been captured on film, finally. Man has known about the giant squid for centuries. It is quite possibly the inspiration for such mythical beasties as the Kraken and Leviathan, but except for the bloated corpses of dead squid that either washed ashore, or were snagged in fishing nets, no one has ever seen, let alone photographed a living giant squid. Until now, that is. Japanese researcher Dr Tsunemi Kubodera caught video footage of a 26', that's small in giant squid terms, young squid in 3000' of water off the coast of the Bonin Islands. They used a remote camera that had a line with bait trailing behind it. The squid attacked the bait, allowing for several very clear shots. You can see the pics here:

That is all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled, squid-free day.



pikaresque said...

Hey Marius.
Your blog is "dressing left"
if you know what I mean.
And I love squid!
So tasty.

jeff said...

“Vast, Polyphemus-like, and loathsome, it darted like a stupendous monster of nightmares to the monolith, about which it flung its gigantic scaly arms, the while it bowed its hideous head and gave vent to certain measured sounds.... Once I sought out a celebrated ethnologist, and amused him with peculiar questions regarding the ancient Philistine legend of Dagon, the Fish-God; but soon perceiving that he was hopelessly conventional, I did not press my inquiries.”
~ H.P. Lovecraft

The Old Ones begin to show themselves. Fear.

Marius said...

Oh mortal mind, so quick to blind itself to the hideous; monstrous truth. Ere long the shoggoth will stalk our nightmares, and the shub-niggouroth will tickle us terribly with their unfathomably boneless fingers.
Iahh! Iaaaa! Iaaa-shub-niggouroth!! Fng'lui "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn." The Great Old Ones come. Remember That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with great aeons even death may die.

And never forget: In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu lies dreaming.

heff said...

Cthulhu loathes you, hun.

And we all know that: In his toybox at R'lyeh, dead Banjo lies dreaming.

You don't know that? Must not be a member of the Cult of Banjothulhu!