Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Little Perspective, If You Please

If I hear one more person bitch about how much it costs now to fill thier f***ing SUV on TV or the radio I'm going to climb through the screen and throttle them! Yeah, paying $3.00 for a gallon of gas sucks, but not as much as standing in hip-deep water, dodging corpses and looking at the slab of concrete that used to be your house. Or huddling in a giant convection oven that used to be a sports arena wondering where your family members are. Or drowning in your attic because you were too weak, or frail, or sick, or poor to evacuate. And for once I'm on the side of the government here. They are doing all they can, but releasing some of the Strategic Petroleum Supply, while necessary, won't affect gas prices anytime soon. The damage to our oil industry wasn't in the drilling area (yes, one rig was lost, but only one). The problem is that a significant number of refineries were damaged or destroyed, as were many pipelines. As much as 25% of US oil production could be affected by this storm, and oil without refineries and pipelines is just a bunch of gooey, black gunk.

So tighten your belt folks, get a bike, ride the bus, and reserve the sorrow for those who have earned it.

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