Monday, June 23, 2008

Sh*t, P*ss, F*ck!!

Dammit! I'm going to have change the name of this blog to Marius's Celebrity Obituaries at this rate. George Carlin, arguably one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time, died yesterday at 5:51pm of heart failure. Carlin was the first stand-up I ever heard, thanks to a friend who gave me a tape of one of his albums when I was a lad. I didn't get all the jokes, but I laughed my ass off anyway. I still remember when his A Place For My Stuff album came out, Celebhith and I put it on her record player(remember those, kiddies?) and laughed until we couldn't breathe. His humor was direct, sometimes foul, unedited, and always funny. He popped up in some of my favorite movies including Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Dogma, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. His concerts of late were more angry rants at the way the world is going, but while the belly laughs may have been missing he still made you think. Whenever someone asks me who my favorite comedian is, Carlin is always the first name that pops to mind. He always said what was on his mind, and he never sugar coated anything. He said many times that there are no taboo subjects, that anything can be made funny, and he proved that over and over. The only silver lining to his passing is that the inevitable tribute shows may just end up being hilarious.


Marius the Sad


rosebuckle said...

I was so shocked this morning when I read the news. He was the first stand up I comedian I saw in person. My boyfriend's (from high school) father was House Manager at The Front Row Theatre, where he came to play my first year in college. His Dad was able to get our high school gang tickets for the show. This was in the round and all artists had to enter from the back of the house. The audience (including us) knew his work so well that everyone was in full laughter mode by the time he reached the stage. He had not yet spoken a word! Afterwards my BF's Dad (who made the closing annoucement & thanks to the audience each night) said after that routine on the uses of f*ck, the audience stll would have been upset if he himself had said "Good Night Ladies & Gentleman and F*ck you!"
I will really miss him. And Marius, on the tribute note, did you know he had already been given this year's Mark Twain Award, to be presented in November. It will be a bittersweet presentaion.
Good bye George and
f*ck you.

Alysoun said...

Yeah - the spouse and I were most f*cked up to hear the news.

Anonymous said...