Thursday, June 05, 2008


Ok, so it appears that when I make a muscle, or group of muscles hurt, I do it in a way that is hitherto unheard of in this part of the world, but destined to take the place of the mudshark in your mythology. I took a Flexoril last night, and passed out at 7:30. When Starbuck demanded his breakfast at 5am I pried myself out of bed like some antique steampunk android and hobbled to the kitchen to feed the beasties. Their bowls, which sit on the floor, seemed to be miles from my fingers, and it took about 2 hours to bend down to get them. All the muscle relaxer did was make me dopey, and did nothing for the owie. So I bummed a Vicodin from the wife. That made me not care for a bit, but did nothing to stop the owie. As an aside, a couple of weeks ago I picked up Robin Hood: Men in Tights from the 'we can't give this shit away' bin at Wallyworld. I remember it being amusing, if not his best work. It seemed a good watch for a couch-ridden, drug-addled creature such as myself. If I might quote a certain farmboy from Tattooine, "What a piece of junk!" Talk about a film that does not stand the test of time. Most of the jokes are very reflective of the times, and they weren't that funny. Air pump sneakers. Home Alone. Constant Ah-Choo jokes. Urgh! Another memory of my youth shattered. sigh

Ok, well it hurts to sit up, so I'm going to go lay down and whimper.


Addendum: Beware the ferocious Desk Monster! They can strike when you least expect it.


Purple Pigeon said...

Oh no! I love Men In Tights *looks down, ashamed*

Blinkin, what are you doing?
I'm.... guessing.I'm guessing no-ones coming...
Get down from there....twit.

And of course ''King illegal forest wild boar kill in it a is!!!''

And the Men in Tights song (''Menly men!''), with the ''We're butch!'' at the end.

Tee hee, sorry, it makes me chuckle.

Poor Marius! Maybe you can use your pain as an excuse to lay on the sofa and say to Mrs Marius ''Woman! Fetch me a cold drink now, wench!'' and theres a small chance she might not slap you

Marius said...

Alas, Mrs. Marius not only has a working knowledge of edged and blunt force weapons, she also knows where all of them are.

And trust me, I thought I loved Men in Tights, too. :-(

Alysoun said...

Marius!!! Lighting candles to help with the owie...and yeah...I liked the movie, too....

Stinkypaw said...

LOVE the way the cat looks! So intent! I can only imagine you looking like House while popping your Vicodin... not really a good image, I must say!

Hope your back feels better soon, and remember you're not getting any younger, so put that kamasutra book away, forget about that stuff! ;-)

celebhith said...

So sorry you're in pain, Puddy. Once again, welcome to my world. I was down all yesterday with a migraine that felt like a full body slam. I'm at work tonight, but may not make it for the whole 10 hours. My back is screaming at me!