Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Repeat Customers?

I just saw a commercial for where they touted that now applicants can consult with members who know the most about the site. And it makes me wonder...if was so successful there shouldn't be anyone who knows the most about the site.

Just sayin'.

So what Summer Blockbusters(tm) are you looking forward to? I'm cautiously optimistic about The Incredible Hulk and Get Smart. When I heard that they were making a Get Smart movie I began to groan, but as soon as I saw Steve Carrel as Max I relaxed a bit. Although The Rock is in it, too, and I found his two minutes in the Reno 911 movie to be excruciating, but I'll keep an open mind.

And in the WTF department, I was looking at plane fare to Connecticut, and then decided to compare renting a car and taking the train. I was stunned to find out that the train was the most expensive, by quite a bit. Weird.

Marius, out.


Purple Pigeon said...

The train would be the most expensive, and probably the most stressful and least comfortable.

Theres not much I'm looking forward to at the cinema this summer, the last Film that i looked forward to was Sweeney Todd.
The new Batman film might be worth a look, but other than that, the offerings are a bit grim.

Turtle said...

Hmmm... Well, of the films due out, I'm looking forward to "The Hulk", "Wall-E", "Hancock", "Hellboy 2", "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "The Dark Knight", "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor", "Clone Wars".

It seems to be a big year for comic book heroes, and with Marvel taking over the helm, The Incredible Hulk should wipe the slate clean from that dismal piece of trash that got released a couple of years ago.

Not looking forward to "The Happening", "The Love Guru", "Meet Dave", "Mama Mia", "Space Chimps", "Tropic Thunder".

There is some serious garbage getting ready to come down the pike. I couldn't believe that they made an Abba musical, let alone turned that into a movie. Unfortunately, since it stars Colin Firth, I'll have to take in this one, but I'll get a "guy flick" out of it.

On the fence about "Get Smart", "X-Files, I want to believe".

I don't know if Steve Carrell can pull of Max Smart. We'll have to see. I think X-Files has outlived its time. The thrill is gone...

Stinkypaw said...

I'm not sure I agree with Pigeon about the train being least comfy... but it's not the fastest way to get somewhere, that's for sure!

The price of gas is messing with everything!

Anonymous said...

Looks my "chasing Clay" will be needing a serious overhaul this fall, when his new tour starts. I may only be able to go to Florida concerts instead of going out-of-state as well. We shall see. But if I'm up in your neck of the woods, kin I come see y'all?

Marius said...

If you end up in my neck of the woods and you don't come see us you'll have more than just a pinched nerve to worry about, young lady!! ;-)