Sunday, July 02, 2006

Madness Takes Its Toll

Well, it's been a while since anything original has found it's way into The Corner, and most of you know why. The pregnancy we've been celebrating has borne no fruit. We had what is called a blighted ovum, charming term, no? It acts like a regular fertilized ovum, implants, causes all the symptoms of pregnancy, but doesn't develop into a fetus. Yipee. And the best part is that, unlike a miscarriage, it doesn't seem to want to leave on its own, so next week we have to go have it taken out surgically. It's not a great time in the Marius household right now. So, several things that were to occur in the next couple of weeks are not going to happen. I will not be going to New York, and since the weather decided to grab Cape Canaveral by the sack, no shuttle launch either. And to top it all off, I just had to cut our lawn, about 100' X 50', with a weed eater, since we cannot yet afford a lawnmower. As my old drinking buddy Paul Sargeant used to say, yippety fuck!

So this seems an optimal time to put forth something that has been brewing in my tiny little mind for many years now, but just finally crystallized yesterday. It has to do with the Israeli threat to invade Gaza and escalate things between them and the Palestinians. I can't help but hope that they do. The best thing that could happen over there would be an all out war. 'What the screaming, tap-dancing fuck?' you might be asking. We all know that kindly Uncle Marius abhors violence, unless it involves medieval armor and rattan swords, but hear me out. For more years than I can remember the Palestinians have been slaughtering Israeli civilians in suicide bombings, and the Israelis have been assassinating Palestinian terrorists, usually with heavy civilian casualties. If hostilities are officially declared, and actual war breaks out, then military will kill military, and maybe the civilian carnage will decrease. I know that 'collateral damage' as the heartless bastards like to classify dead civilians is a fact of war(just count how many military personnel were killed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki) but if the Palestinians and Israelis finally go to war, maybe this ridiculous 'nickel and dime' bloodshed will finally be brought to an end. I have never understood this willingness to kill thousands over a patch of fucking desert, and I never will, but maybe if a real war breaks out over there something will finally get solved. Despite it horrible aspect, the atomic attacks on Japan probably saved thousands of lives in the long run, and that sort of thinking seems to apply to the Middle East now. It ain't pretty. It ain't enlightened, but it might just be apt.

Humans suck. Let's just be glad that The Day The Earth Stood Still is just a movie, or our short-sighted, aggressive, warlike, 'kill 'em first, let God sort 'em out' tendencies might just have bought this planet a one-way ticket Sunward decades ago.

Yeah, I'm not in a good mood right now, and the Jack Daniels ain't helping.

But I love each and every one of you. :-)


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Patsy said...

Well Capt'n,
I hate to bring it up but every time past that an all out war has come to pass in little ole Israel, it usually ends up being the IDF v. the Palestinians, as well as Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and every Islamic militant that can slip in. Of course right now with big muddeling America, we'd have to step in and Iran and Russia and blah blah blah...somebody gets nuclear and then it all goes to shit.
But really how the hell did Portugal and France end up in the quarter finals over Endland and Brazil?