Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well, we just saw Superman, and I left the theater grinning like a schoolboy. From the chills that ran down my spine at the sound of the opening music, to the tear in my eye when I saw the dedication to Christopher Reeve and his wife in the closing credits I was spellbound. I won't do any spoilers in this edition, but suffice to say that Brandon Routh takes a page out of Reeve's book, and does it well. Kevin Spacey was everything Gene Hackman wasn't, especially menacing, and Kate Bosworth was lovely, if a little too nice, as Lois. And the effects were almost flawless. This is what CGI was meant to do.

Ok, I say no more. Go see it. That's all I'll say right now. Go see it.



Anonymous said...

The kid and I are are going to see it tomorrow. Thanks for not spoiling anything!

Turtle said...

Personally? I think Kate Bosworth sucked as Lois Lane. She is just too young to be playing a go-getter, take no prisoners reporter, and have a young child, to boot. Just didn't feel right to me. The rest of the movie was fun, and a great tribute.