Friday, June 02, 2006

Been Around The World And Found That Only Stupid People Are Breeding...

Ok, Verizon update. It turns out that the moron my wife spoke to couldn't figure out that the area to which we moved isn't wired for DSL! Of course, it took nearly 45 minutes on the phone talking to at least 5 different people in three states before someone finally figured it out. Well, at least it saves me the trouble of canceling our service. Now we will be getting a cable modem, but they can't get to us til the 13th, so don't look for me in Paragon City anytime soon. :-(

The Military is conducting investigations into at least two more incidents in Iraq involving unprovoked attacks by Marines against civilians, and the attempts to cover them up. While I'm glad that these events are finally being looked into, does anyone remember when we were the good guys? As an immediate response the Marine Corp. is instituting 'Core Values' training for all personnel in the field. Way to go, guys. Semper fidelis.

On the happier side of things, we saw X-Men III last night. It rocked!! I won't go into any details, but I really enjoyed it. I understand they took some pretty big liberties with some of the plot points, and that might upset some of the more die-hard fans, but since I have no preconceptions about the characters I really liked what they did. And, without giving away too much, Famke Jensen is much hotter as a villain.

Ok, that's all for now. Don't let the penguins steal your cheese.



Anonymous said...

X-men III was soo bad it put me in a bad mood. My 10 y/o liked it fine. I guess I'm just one of those silly "die-hard" fans who actually enjoy a decent plot line and character devolpment, even in fantasy movies.

Marius said...

I can sympathize, but I just sort of disconnected my higher brain functions and enjoyed the ride. There were several moments when I caught myself pondering the improbability of the physics of many of the events, but then I remembered what I was watching and went back to enjoying the fireworks. And the wife brought me up to speed on just how much they changed the whole Dark Phoenix story arc. I would imagine if I were a fan of the comics I'd be equally pissed. And, in retrospect, it did seem kinda wierd that Xavier became something of a dick, and Wolverine found his inner Capt. Kirk. Plus any movie that has Rebecca Romaijn walking past the ass-high camera wearing only a thong can't be all bad. ;-)