Friday, June 16, 2006

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Ok, enough shiny, happy blogging. Let's get pissed!

I have avoided commenting on the death of al-Zarqawi for the very reasons that I wish the rest of the world would have done so. The more we publicize these vermin, the more important we make them. The constant barrage of photos of his corpse, both before and after being cleaned up, are no doubt being used as recruiting posters for terrorist organizations. Terror is their main weapon, but terror is an intangible thing that must be perpetuated by talking about it. I think the better way to deal with the story would have been to have made a brief, subdued announcement that Zarqawi was dead, but treated it as an afterthought. If we marginalize these scumbags, they lose their fearful power.

Why am I bringing this up now? Because CNN spent a large percentage of it's morning news time today to a story about the next dickhead to take the Al-Quaida reins in Iraq. I know that it's a good PR tactic to have a villain du-jour to use as a buzz word in press conferences, but it's a lousy military tactic. We can't kill every terrorist in the world, and treating this 'war' like a normal military action is no more effective than FEMA's actions in New Orleans. There will be no Nuremburg trials when/if this war ever ends, and putting the terrorist leaders on the front page merely plays into their hands.

Closer to home, Britney Spears gave a tearful interview on NBC's Today Show, saying that she and her baby need privacy and respect. Well, I have this to say to her, and every other superstar who complains that they are put upon by their celebrity. TFB! You abrogated your right to privacy when you accepted your millions from your adoring fans. No, I don't think the paparazzi should be putting secret toilet cams in your bathrooms, but when you step outside your razor wire surrounded compounds you step into the spotlight of those who put you where you are. There are plenty of celebrities who get it, and are gracious in public, and guard their private lives closely and don't do stupid stuff in view of the press. But if you decide to let your baby sit on your lap while you are driving a convertible, or dangle your kid over a balcony, don't you dare get all weepy about how cruelly you are being treated by the press. Stupid behavior should be criticized, and doubly so when the idiot is a celebrity. Why? Because for some reason too many people equate fame with wisdom. And if it's ok for Britney to let her infant ride on her lap instead of secured in an approved car seat, then why not Matilda in Podunk?

Ok, I'm done for now. Hugs and kisses, y'all!

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