Sunday, May 28, 2006


I angry at several things right now, and most of them should piss you off, too. First of all, the numbskulls that run Verizon down here have screwed us up again. Many of you remember when the Marius clan relocated to this lovely little frying pan called Tampa that we sent out a phone number that never worked. We were told that it was a 'temporary' phone number. WTF?! So it took a while for all of our friends and family to finally get our correct digits. Well, we just moved again, into nicer digs, and all was going smoothly until yesterday morning when I got the computer set up...only to find that the DSL which should have been switched Friday along with the phone service wasn't. And, of course this is Memorial Day weekend, so no one will be in the call center until TUESDAY!!!!! I don't know about you, but I can't go three days with no internet. So here I am, alone in the theatre, being angry for your amusement. ;-) And, to borrow a much overused phrase, I pity the fool who gets my call on Tuesday morning.

Ok, let's get global. The winner of the 'you have got to be fucking kidding me' award is Cheyenne County Nebraska District Judge Kristine Cecava who sentenced convicted child rapist Richard W. Thompson to ten years PROBATION for the multiple rapes of a 12-year-old girl because at 5'-1" tall he would be at risk in prison. She says that at his height he would be threatened by other inmates. Well, first of all the warden of the prison this dickhead should go to says they have many inmates who are under 5' tall and they get by just fine. And secondly SO WHAT!!!? He raped a 12 year old girl! He should be some huge, hairy murderer's bitch. Fortunately the DA is appealing the ruling. If I hear anything else I'll let y'all know.

And I save the best for last. You know how the idiot squad in the White House keeps complaining that the press never reports the good stuff in Iraq? Well check this out. Apparently on November 19th, yes more than six months ago, a Marine convoy was hit by a bomb outside the Iraqi city of Haditha, and one of them was killed. The rest of the convoy then proceeded to massacre as many as TWO DOZEN unarmed Iraqi civilians. That's horrific enough, but wait, there's more. This 'event' has been hushed up and is only just coming to light because of Representative John Murtha , D-Pa. The military is only saying that an investigation is ongoing, and will not comment. Murtha is pursuing this doggedly, but what has me floored is that what little commentary there has been about this seems to all be focused on the Public Relations angle, and how this will hurt our efforts in Iraq. Fuck the PR, people! American troops committed a fucking war crime!!! What the hell is going on with us? The UN is calling us out on human rights violations, our troops are shooting up innocents, the President seems to think he's some fucking Ceasar who can do whatever he wants with impunity. It's like I went to sleep in the normal world and woke up in Bizarro world. But at least Angelina Jolie gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday, so I guess there is some hope for humanity.

Ok, dear ones, I have some more crap to move. Take care, enjoy your Memorial Day, and remember just because Bacardi 151 WILL burn, doing your Gene Simmons impression in the back yard after your fifth drink is not a good idea.

Peace out.


pikaresque said...

Good luck in your new digs.
Good luck with getting some one to
answer your call on Tyesday.
Good luck finding justice anywhere for rape.
And FINALLY good luck getting the
dick-head-in-chief and his administration of finding their soul/s anytime soon.
I have found myself wondering/seething why so much awful shit is going on during this life. Hateful,awful,hidieous,vile and shameful shit.
Then I try and put myself, oh, say in the sandals of someone in Africa or even east LA, and see that I've got it pretty good.
Stll makes me mad-as-hell though to think the rich and powerful or sick do their evil deeds with no thought of anyone else or even the price they paid with thier soul.

Have a rippin good moving day my friend and remember you can't carry the world all on your semi-broad shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what SHE said . . . in spades! And I still can't get the effing youtube to pop up in my blog! HELP!