Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bang the drum loudly!

I know that the horse I'm about to whup up on is terminal, but this message must get out. The Republican party is in a tailspin, and the Democrats are still clueless. The the era of useless,partisan bickering could be brought to an end this November. Too many people ignore the mid-term elections, and focus solely on the Presidential campaigns. Yet we all know that the Electoral College effectively negates the 'one man, one vote' tenet. Not so for Congressional elections. State and local elections are the ones where your vote does count. And Congress is where the real power lies. Sure the President can push things through, but only if Congress allows it. Sure the President can veto bills he disapproves of, but Congress can negate that veto...if they work together. Our representatives should be just that...our representatives. This President has shown us one thing very clearly; that no President, once elected, needs to care one iota about what the people say or think. But Congresspersons, on the other hand, could be easily brought to task if enough Americans take off their blinders, get up off their couches, and vote!! And stop with the internet petitions. No one in Washington, or Tallahassee, or any state capitol, pays attention to the internet. It's just too easy to fake an internet personality. Sit down at your computer, or typewriter if you are that retro, and write actual ink and paper letters to your representatives and let them know how you think. They work for us, and it's high time they were reminded of that. Do your homework, research the local candidates, and vote based on issues, and not which animal is on their lapel pin. There is a statistic being bandied about lately, often accompanied by the wry chuckle of a morning show DJ, that says more Americans vote for American Idol then for President. I don't think that's funny. I think that's pathetic. This country is going to Hell in a handbasket, and it's the people who don't vote for Congress that are weaving it.

Please, vote. Encourage others to vote. Sure it takes a little bit of time out of your day, but if this is going to be a truly representative government, which it hasn't been for quite some time, we need to represent. We need to vote.

C'mon, Nelly, let's get some ice for those bruises.


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Anonymous said...

Nicely said; my conscience has been duly pricked (and I'll be good and not go where THAT thought would naturally take me). Thanks for being a grown up and reminding me to be one too.