Monday, May 15, 2006

You Have Got To Be Kidding!

A friend of mine, who is in the midst of the final countdown to his own escape launch, sent me this letter sent to the Alexandria, Louisiana Town Talk newspaper. It's nice to see that in this world of pain, suffering, starvation, war, disease, and strife, good Christians are focusing their energies in appropriate ways. Pray, attend:

Calling all Christians

Those who are willing are invited to come and stand outside the Grand Theatre on opening day of the blasphemous movie, “The Da Vinci Code” from noon until dark on Friday, May 19. We will be having a PPP – peaceful, prayerful protest. Come join us who will be there to honor our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ and to console him and make reparation for insults to his sacredness. We invite all, both young and old.

The movie industry has taken our god, who is a divine person and made him human just like the rest of us, married and having a child. The movie is filled with calumnies, offenses, and historical and theological errors. It is truly a grievous matter.

We have sent many letters of protest to the manager of the Grand but he claims that all decisions about what movies are put on the screen, comes from corporate headquarters (whoever that is). Some people may attend the movie out of curiosity but we would not give one nickel to Sony, Columbia Pictures or Ron Howard. We do not want them to get rich from this mockery of Jesus Christ.

Mary .B. Lachney, Dr. James McNulty , Tinsley Ducote, Cataline White -- Alexandria

Originally published May 15, 2006


pikaresque said...
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pikaresque said...

I plan on seeing it as many times as I can afford...even if I sleep through it!
In my imagination...I see Jesus and or some whispy white light talking to these "christians" after they are passed on and saying...
"What didn't you understand? Didn't you think an almighty being could fight his/it's own battles?
Which by the way ...there is no pettiness here... Or did you think I'd see you as BETTER than other humans? By the way...I saw you masterbate...."
and then it would laaaaaugh!

11:03 AM

Akasha said...

Good Lord. That's like Tallahassee!! *shudder*

People scare me.

Jared Funderburk, SIM CP said...

I totally agree with you! I am from Alexandria and witnessed the "PPP" for myself. Not much there. About 8-9 people holding a few signs about blasphemy. Anyway, it's funny that this news got all the way to Tampa.

Also on the journey of TRUTH,