Thursday, July 20, 2006

Boy, Dickens Sure Knew His Stuff

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. The USS Marius has taken a few direct hits to her forward shields lately, and while we are making repairs a wonderful thing has happened. I was informed by a collegue that the local magnet high school for the fine and performing arts was in need of a new Technical Director. I did a little digging through the school board's web site and found that the lowest pay rate for someone with a masters is $4K more than I'm making now, so of course I called them. Resumes were requested, and this afternoon I had an interview. Tonight, they hired me. And when all is said and done I'll be making at least $8K more, and quite possibly more than that!! This couldn't come at a better time, as this morning we were contemplating selling our PS2 to make next month's rent. Yeah, it's high school, a place I swore I would never go, but it's a magnet school, so most of the kids really want to learn. And I'll be very busy, but maybe, just maybe we can actually start paying off stuff, and {{gasp!}} save up for a house of our own!

The downside is that tomorrow I have to go into my boss and tell him that I'm leaving in just under two weeks. But, since I am staff and not really faculty(another sore spot) I don't have a contract, so I can pretty much up and go if I wished. I won't, of course, and I will do everything I can to make things easier for whomever follows me, but it's still going to be a tense morning manana. And then I have to tell the kids. Most of them will understand, but it will still suck not working with them anymore. But then again it is the nature of being a teacher that you say goodbye to people just when you have become fond of them. But it still sucks.

And so, soon Marius the college adjunct and downhill poop catcher will become Mr. Marius, the high school teacher. Actually I don't feel it to be a drop in stature, and the extra green will certainly make life better. If I can just channel the best parts of Teri Lenahan and Frank Leahey, plus a lot of Norm Miller and Art Musto and Bobby Clark, and Deb Veres and Pam Mara and Kathleen Withall, and all the other wonderful professionals I have had the great fortune to work with over the years I should do ok.

Now I just have to get back in the habit of not swearing at work. ;-)


Akasha said...

Fuck that -- the kids'll love you for it. ;)
Congrats!! Muah!

Rosebuckle said...

It sounds great! Congratulations.
Thanks for the kudos sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Congrads!!!!! Do not lose a minute of sleep regarding tomorrow. If they really want to keep you, they will counter-offer. If not, go with the money. Good luck, you sure are due some good news. Doug

Monkey said...

Yipee! Congrats. BTW- swear with kids. Then do, indeed, really like that stuff.
Very excited for you!

pikaresque said...

Maybe this is ..
"your density".
I'm sure the teachers
that meant so much to you
and that made the biggest
impact have no idea what they
started in you.
So maybe THAT is your bit of
imortality Marius.
That is your celebrity and
fame. That is fame in the best way.

TH extra money is a delicious carrot right now (and a much
needed carrot it seems)
but maybe the shiney prize is yet
to come.

I say this is a good thing.
Don't pee on the floor if you get scared.

THanks for the props, but I am very sure
I don't know why.

Like the Tat.
Dragons are scary.

Turtle said...

Noooo! Not Leahey!! Umm... ummm... ummmmmmmmmmmm...... Well, he did have some good points... So did Teri... Just don't be as flaky...

So... which magnet school is it? Blake?

Oh, yeah.... Gratz!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you! And huge hugs for the loss you will feel as you walk away from your present job. By now you realize that good things are very often paid for by not-so-good things. I sure have learned that fact several times in the last 8 years. And it ain't been easy. But this is a growth opportunity for you and, as P says, perhaps this is your "destiny" after all. Personally, if it were me, I'd be thrilled all to heck! Keep us posted!