Friday, July 14, 2006

Zzzzzzzz...thud! Snort! Huh?

Damn! I just hit my head on my desk. I'M FUCKING BORED!!!! It's Friday, and I am one of three people in the building here at work. I hate being bored at work. And I can't leave, 'cause I'm waiting for a call from a guy I'm going to buy a used lawnmower from today. Yawn.

Ok, well, I guess I'll tell you what's happening with yours truly here in lovely Tampa. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. No, as much as I love that line from Inigo I really don't have too much to esplain. Kinda sad, actually. Anyway, if we shadows have offended and all that. Onward.

So we packed up our laundry, and the felines, and went home for a few days earlier this week. Please forgive that I did not do my usual 'try to see as many people as I can' thing this time. Mrs. Marius and I really needed some recharge time, so I took it easy. While it's nice to have a no-hassle place to crash whenever we come to town, Wellington is way the hell away from everyone else, and sometimes it feels like it's an uphill drive both ways. Depending on gas prices, car behavior, and funds I might be down again soon, and will be staying closer to the rest of the world, at which time I promise to see all y'all.

Now, if any of you have cats, and they aren't used to riding in the car, let me advise you to find a kitty sitter if you have to leave town for a few days. We got tranks from the vet, and each critter had their own carrier, but guess what...the downers didn't work. And the babies were hurting themselves trying to claw their way out of the carriers, so we had to release them. They were only slightly happier roaming the car. Both of them were in my lap at one point, then I had one in my lap and one on my shoulder, then they switched places, then Starbuck decided that if Artemis could be on my lap, then he could be on Artemis, and then she wandered into the back seat. So for the majority of the journey (3.5 hours or so) I had a nervous, panting, drooling cat on my lap. And let me tell you, a nervous cat generates a lot of heat. Not to mention that it's rather difficult to steer when you have a cat on your arm looking out the window. But we all made it intact, and then the cats proceeded to hide for three days in the In-Law's house.

While at home we saw Pirates of the Carribean 2. Loved it! I also had something of an epiphany while watching it. I was reflecting on pirate movies of the past, usually Errol Flynn films, and realized that it is ok for a movie to be 'just' entertainment, and not some great revolution in movie making, or social commentary. And that's what Dead Man's Chest is, entertaining. It's a fun movie, but with one's not a kids film. It's rather graphically violent and scary at times, so leave the widdle ones at home, and enjoy a fun flick. And might I add, Monday matinees are the bomb!! Oh, by the way, there will definitely be a third movie, so be ready for a bit of a cliffhanger. ;-)

I also got back to the old place of employment, which was a bitter-sweet afternoon. I know that I had to leave, and it would make no sense for me to still be there as second-fiddle, but it was also the best gig I've ever had, and I got quite wistful visiting. At one point I mentioned to my old boss that he should be considering retirement soon, and was likened to a buzzard circling overhead. We laughed, but the simile is not untoward. I would love his job, but as he rightfully pointed out, he's got at least another decade in him there...dammit!

The drive back was much more calm as I arranged the car a bit differently so the beasties could go back into the trunk and hide should they desire, which Artemis did, plus the tranquilizers worked this time. So instead of a sweaty, panting, panicking Starbuck on my lap most of the way, I had a sleeping Starbuck on my lap. And even doped up a cat can be very bitchy when you have to work a clutch while they snooze on your thighs.

So we're home. Me wifey's brother accompanied us home, since he lived many years in this town, but he leaves this afternoon. Yesterday was our 4th anniversary, and we gave each other nice presents, and then went to the Roadhouse for dinner. Unfortunately the real celebrating needs to wait for another week while she heals some more. So it was a rather quiet anniversary. C'est la vie.

And that's it from sunny Tampa. I'm not particularly bothered by much right now, although I kinda think we need to pull all of our people, both military and civilian, out of the Middle East, pull down the shades, put our fingers in our ears and sing la la la la la for about 5 years until the smoke settles, and then we can deal with the survivors. It's getting bat-shit crazy over there.

Ok, back to desktop snoozing.



Anonymous said...

What a jerk!! LA College was the best job you ever had. I can top you on the cat thing. Try one greyhound, one parrot, and one cat for a 12 hour trip! We made it here in one piece but the cat will need therapy. He escaped from the crate and spent the next 11.5 hours under the passanger's seat. In addition, he decided to pee in the new jeep!

Marius said...

Don't think of it as cat pee, think of it as rare, imported, feline essential oils. Congrats on a relatively safe landing.

Monkey said...

Star buck and Artemis. How did they gets the names? Coffee, Moby Dick? Love of the Greeks or YA novels?

Marius said...

When Artemis first showed up at our doorstep she came with four kittens. I named her Artemis both for the Greek goddess of the hunt, and for a cat creature from an Anime show my wife and daughter like. I named all of the kittens after Battlestar Galactica characters, but Starbuck is the only one that stuck around. The others were Athene, Apollo, and Cain. (yeah, we're a family of geeks.) ;-)