Sunday, July 16, 2006

Worst Date

Hey, Folks, I'm stealing this wonderful idea from The Naughty Monkey, although I cannot compete with her entry, herein shall I relate my worst date. In the dark ages before the internet, a friend who lived in England met a young lady with whom she thought I would get along. The young brit, Annie, and I became pen-pals, and romance blossomed. Eventually, after huge phone bills and a couple of trans-Atlantic video tapes, she came to visit. Knowing that Feyetteville, North Carolina doesn't offer much for a sophisticated lady, I arranged to take leave from the Air Force and go to Florida. Unfortunately just before she left Heathrow my leave was cancelled. She gamely agreed to make a go of it anyway. After an icy drive to the airport, I got her back to my palacial single-wide trailer only to find that the pipes had frozen. So we spent her first night in a hotel. It only got worse from there. I tried to find some theatre for her, and we went to a dinner theatre production of Godspell...only what they didn't say in the ad was that it was a local high school's production. Plus she was a vegetarian, and even though I called to find out if they had vegetarian fare, and was assured they did, they didn't. The last straw was when we went to a party at a friend's house, and I had too much to drink, and apparantly I said something to anger her, and she packed her bags and left. To this day I don't know what I said, but it was the end of our relationship.

Ok, your turn.


Monkey said...

That's a big bummer. Did you actually like Annie? Was this growing comedy of errors something you were hoping would be over soon? meaning- were you relieved she left?
Poor Annie- an international flight for Godspell and breadsticks........
You old romantic you!

Marius said...

Actually I left out the part where I proposed to her. She kinda broke my heart a little bit, but in hindsight it was for the best.

pikaresque said...

Worst date...
"The date I didn't know I was on"

Friends at RPDT often got together
to go see movies. Normal.
We'd meet at my friend Mary's and car pool. When I got to her house
only one other person showed up to
go (not even Mary).
It was Todd D. (do you know Todd D., the so-called lighting designer?)
ANYWAY...thought I'd be a nice person and go along to the movies
(not suspecting anything)
but realized during the movie our
friend TUDD, was trying some really bad moves.
So I just turned to him during the movie, unfortunately just as the dialog went quiter, and yelped out..."Oh, you are fucking kidding me!!! " and got up to leave and he bellowed out "but your my ride home..."
THEN when I got home I get this call from Judas-friend Mary asking me why I left Tudd crying at the movies???
"Why was I set up?" was all I could muster (through many explicatives!!!)
"Because we thought maybe it would turn out okay"
Not in my fucking universe.
Anyway Tudd is now a ward of his SO unbelieveably talented brother Michael (as he, Tudd, has seisures) and
Mary is dead.
End of story.

Marius said...

OMG! Yes, I remember Tudd. Eww!

Anonymous said...

my worst date you ask? back in high school I dated (briefly) the "community chest". I asked, and she said yes to escort me to the fall homecoming. I saved my fast food earnings for over a month to finace the evening. The day of the dance we had a cross country race in Alexandria. On the bus ride back (keep in mind we are t-minus six hours from the dance) she falls in love with another member of the team. I spend the remander of the trip watching her and my buddy make out! Boy that was a tough one to explain to the folks. The good news? today she is a checker at Albertsons! Ain't karma cool! Doug