Wednesday, July 26, 2006

All Your Clerks Are Belong To Us

So we just got back from seeing Kevin Smith's latest work, Clerks II. And let me make a bit of a disclaimer right off the bat: I am not saying that anyone should run right out and see this movie. I liked it...a lot. I enjoyed 95% of the film. As in every other Kevin Smith movie there are tons of 'did he really just say that?' moments, vulgarity that would make a one-eyed carpenter blush, Jason Mews being, well, Jason Mews, and tons of clever dialogues and monologues. There were also the requisite inside jokes and Kevin Smith film alumni cameos, not to mention a rather nice, and sometimes sweet plot. But the reason I can't give it total props is, unfortunately, the main reason for the film. Jeff Anderson, who plays the eternal slacker Randall, and Brian O'Halloran, who is the constantly put-upon everyman, Dante, just aren't very good actors. In the original Clerks it could be forgiven because it was a very cheaply made movie, and Smith couldn't afford to hire professionals, so he used his friends. Anderson and O'Halloran have made cameos in other Smith films, but haven't really done anything else. I will give credit that apparently Brian took some lessons or something because he is much better than he has ever been in the past, but these two community theatre level thespians really drag the movie down. And just like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, you really can't have your weak link be the lead, or in this case leads. However, having said that, if you can agree to allow that these guys had to be in the movie, and had to be the leads, and cut them some slack for not really being the best actors, the film is a lot of fun. And, might I add, Rosario Dawson has just moved to second place on my 'list'. (she doesn't quite top Kiera Knightly, but she just nudges out Angelina Jolie...sorry Angie)

So, if you are a Kevin Smith fan, you will truly enjoy this film. I want to see it again just to catch all the little stuff going on in the background that I missed. If you are not a Kevin Smith fan, or haven't seen Clerks, then this one is probably not for you. Especially if the idea of a Mexican Donkey Show offends you.




Monkey said...

Thanks for the update. I must confess i have never seen a Smith movie.

Turtle said...

C'mon, M!! Expecting great acting out of a Kevin Smith movie is just plain silly. This is "Clerks II", so it had to have Dante and Randall, and no one else would have been acceptable... Personally, I thought their acting level to be right on par with who and what they are...

And the donkey show is hardly the most offensive thing in the movie. That distinction belongs to Jason Mewes, and will take 3 gallons of mind bleach to clear up... The Donkey Show was actually done with class. Well, as much class as possible considering the subject matter...

And it will take a long time to get the image of Jay and SB from the dance sequence out of my mind... ABC 123 will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What "turtle" said! I enjoy Kevin Smith's movies for what they are (what ARE they anyway?). . . seriously, the guy is funny and intelligent and I find a lot of what he does, at the very least, thought-provoking. And God help me, I ADORE Jason Mews as Jay. . . he makes me look like a fuckin' nun! Or something.