Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We The People...

On this day we celebrate the founding of this nation. And I have no doubt that there will be numerous speeches and photo ops with the President, and I also have no doubt that he will constantly remind us, even if not in so many words, that to oppose his actions is unpatriotic. Well, especially today, remember that this nation was founded on the principal that no leader should be followed blindly, and that when we, as a people, can no longer tolerate the decisions of a corrupt and misguided government, we must rise up and make it plain that we will not follow...we will lead. And while our weapons are no longer muskets and declarations, our voices are infinitely more powerful. We must be vigilant! We must be steadfast! We must be sure enough in our nation's innate goodness that we will not tolerate the abuses of power that have killed thousands, and alienated millions. The United States of America used to be respected, revered, and emulated the world over. Now we are despised, reviled, and even feared. Is that the legacy of patriotism that this administration wishes to leave? Is that the legacy we wish to leave for our children, and grandchildren? To those who call these words anti-American I say what is more American than holding our leaders to a higher standard, and crying out in anger against tyranny and corruption? The greatest threats to this nation are not two men marrying, or terrorists, or someone burning a flag. The greatest threats to this nation live in Washington, D.C., and believe that this country was founded not by the people and for the people, but by the politicians and for the special interests. I say to you, my fellow Americans, stand up and be heard this Independence Day. Let your leaders know that you will not
be ignored. Let the fireworks that remind us of the many that died for our freedom punctuate our cries of anger. In November, when it is time to take action, go to the polls and wash the face of this great nation clean again. Support our troops by bringing them home alive, and whole, and with their heads held high. Support our government by electing honorable men and women who will lead with integrity. Support our nation by taking the power away from those who would abuse it for their own gain, and put it back where it belongs...in our hands.

God bless our troops.
God bless our people.
God bless the United States of America.

And thank God for red, white, and blue cupcakes.



pikaresque said...

Right On Marius!!!
Happy 4TH!!!!

Rosebuckle said...

God you're good! Here's hoping that Americans will take back America!!!!