Sunday, July 30, 2006


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keith said...

cute kittie, by the way i watched that show, and:

"who calls himself Major Victory, and he may be the saving grace of the show, and is my favorite to win."

yeah, like the run through the plazea and talking to the little girl challenge was made so much better by his campyness.

oh and honestly, and i want your opinion on this, if I was in one of those contests, i'd stop and help the little girl, just because you KNOW going into it that there will be little tricks all over the place.

Marius said...

Just remember that the whole thesis of my spiel on the show was that it was horrible, but I couldn't turn away. And yeah, it amazes me at how stupid most of them are. It was pretty clear that Major Victory realized that she was a plant, and played it up in splendid, if obnoxious, Ticklike fashion. I would hope, now, that the others realize just how blatant the 'tricks' will be, and feel that much dumber for it.