Friday, July 21, 2006

Captain's Log: Supplemental

Well, the boss was really cool about me leaving. I think maybe he's not surprised, given what they were paying me, and we may find a way for me to still do this gig part time, which would be fine with me. So I now officially declare that the 'worst of times' is in the past, and am ready to move forward into a, hopefully, glorious future. Yay, me!

hee hee

Just kidding on that last part.



pikaresque said...

Yay You!

Good luck with that
stop swearing thing.
I've tried for years, yet I still have a mouth like a sailor.

When do you start the new gig?
Starting a new job!!!
"OOps I crapped my pants"!

It'll be great Mr. Marius.


Monkey said...

You must be so pleased. Congrats on all of these exciting changes!