Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Why Do We Let The Clowns Run The Circus?

Hi Folks,
Sorry it's been a couple of days, but I've been too angry to rant. I know that seems contradictory, but I have been trying to keep these things entertaining, and what's pissing me off now is anything but. The administration at LC announced to our Artistic Director that they have no intention of replacing me when I leave. They have essentially said that having a viable, growing theatre program is not a priority at Louisiana College. These narrow minded, tunnel-visioned, bean counting theocrats see no problem with keeping 4 baseball coaches, 3 soccer coaches, and TEN FUCKING FOOTBALL COACHES!!!!!!!!!, but keeping one Technical Director on staff will break the school. I am so sick of the priority sports get at so called institutions of higher education I could puke! The Humanities have been around far longer than any organized sport, yet they are constantly labeled as insignificant, or irrelevant. Just because these provincial, backwoods-raised suits find that Shakespeare challenges their breakfast-cereal-box level of comprehension, they relegate the arts to the 'if we can afford it' pile, and then spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on private buses, travel, and an enormous coaching staff. And the argument 'football brings in more revenue than theatre' doesn't work here at dear old LC, because the football team's record isn't very good, and if it weren't for the free student tickets, the high school stadium in which they play would be 'filled' with approximately 50 family members and a dozen or so ancient alumni per game! Give me a fucking break!!!!!!!

So, the next time anyone in Cenla complains that the state of Theatre in the South isn't all that great, you can always remind them that at least Louisiana College has a mediocre football team. Go cats.


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Deborah said...

And so does this mean YOU'RE going to stop watching football on TV? Are you willing to make a statement by boycotting the viewing of atheletic events?

On the other hand, isn't this why you've been working so hard to get out of there? At least students at the college level can look at other schools. I worry more that the arts are being cut out of so many Public Schools, where the kids have no other options. The seem to keep missing those reports that say kids involved with the arts are better students all around.

Be happy you've got another job!