Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mushy Stuff

Welcome to the flowery, coffee shop section of The Corner. Here I begin a series dedicated to telling the people I have come to love here in Cenla just how much they mean to me. Yeah, it's a sappy, Hallmark Theatre kinda thing to do, but it's my blog, so if you don't like it fuck off. ;-)

There is no particular order to this, just a random list of those I'll miss.

Erin: You were one of my very first students, in the very first class I taught. I truly regret that I didn't realize how cool you are right then and there. All that time between your departure from LC and the Spectral Sisters 10 minute play festival I consider wasted friendship time. You are smart, talented, and a consumate professional, not to mention one of the hottest broads I've ever met. [ of course the implants help there.;-)] I sincerely hope that one day you manage to get the fuck out of this place, and get a job in a real theatre where they actually pay you to do that voodoo that you do so well. And trust me, I will be keeping my eyes open for just such opportunities for you.

Jobu: While I probably could have gotten things at LC whipped into shape without you, it would have taken twice as long, and I might be missing a few more body parts that I already am. Thank you for all your help over the last three years. I can't count the number of times you have come in and saved my ass, and the show, by helping when no one else would. I hope that my meager teachings will serve you in the future, and I also wish you a speedy, and lucrative escape from the cultural black hole. Bon chance, Patsy!! :-)

Darth Jennifer: I don't know you as well as I would like, but your wonderfully skewed view of the universe, not to mention utter devotion to the dark side of the Force, have made me greatly enjoy the brief times I have spent in your company. May you and Jobu have a long, happy, occasionally pissed-off future together! Darth Tater rules!!!!! Oh, and you can tell Roo that some stars are made of meat, especially Keanu Reeves and Brittany Spears. ;-)

Sam: At first you frustrated the shit out of me with your inability to speak in complete sentences, but either you got better at communicating, or I learned to speak Samese{probably a bit of both ;-)}. In any case I'm glad to finally understand most of what you say, and to call you friend. I wish you and Henry great things in the future. Pink Feather Boas forever!!

Kayce: Beautiful, talented, as sweet as the day is long, and with a skin tone that drove this lighting designer to drink even more heavily than normal. ;-) I truly miss seeing you on stage, and off. I have no doubt that great things are ahead for you, and I deeply hope that I will see you on stage or screen again before too long. Just a word of advise, if I may. You had better make a pile of money in your lifetime, because money is the dividing line between eccentric pet lover, and the crazy cat-lady at the end of the street. LaLa lives!!

Steve-o: I truly envy your ability as a writer. I am having so much fun directing Standing Still that a rehearsal has yet to go by without my laughing out loud several times. You have a gift for words, and music that is truly a blessing. And you play a mean game of cards as well. May The Force Be With You! :-)

to be continued...

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