Sunday, April 10, 2005

And Thus It Begins

Greetings, Friends,
I am Marius. Most of you know me by various other names, but here in cyber-space I shall go by the simple nom-de-plume above. Herein I shall post such thoughts as cross my tiny little mind, as well as chronicle the events in my, and my family's, lives. There are many of you who I am getting ready to leave behind, much to my sorrow, and many others with whom I will soon be reunited, much to my joy. Rest assured that if you have been sent the address of this narcissistic endeavor, you are firmly ensconced in one of these two groups.

Right now I am not particularly outraged by anything, but you know that won't last. We have found an apartment in Tampa, and have sent in the application for it, so we merely await approval to know if we must needs continue the search for a dwelling. This is new territory for me, having never rented from a company before. They asked a lot of questions, but since I was once a property manager I don't blame them. I have seen what some rentors do to apartments.(here's a hint: it was easier to paint the walls than to clean them)(and for you Lyds, I still don't apologize for my color choices) ;-)

And now I bid you adieu. I encourage...nay expect... you to post responses here. I don't know where this blog will go, content-wise, but I'm sure it will be an interesting journey.


post script:

I'm not always politically correct, nor do I intend to censor myself as far a language goes, so pray forgive me if this shadow doth offend. :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh- Marius,
Do not think that some of us do not know who you are. Even through these pithy and prosaic sharings I can see you for who AND WHAT you are. You cannot hide dark one, nor can you run. I see that your "pursuits" have necessitated a move- an all to common theme in your dark and evil existence. I am here Marius. I know you. I am bound to you. I await your arrival.

Anonymous said...

what a blow hard