Monday, April 11, 2005

Dead Pope-ies Aren't Much Fun

Good morning, boys and girls, and welcome to the Corner. Today I say Halleluja and Praise Jesus! There is no mention of the Pope in the headlines on my home page! While I freely admit that the death of a pontif is certainly newsworthy, two weeks of steady coverage is a bit much. I even welcomed the wedding of Charles and Camilla as something to see other than the Catholic church at its most excessive. I have to chuckle when I hear how some Catholic churches here whine that they don't have enough money to fund the defence/restitution fees incurred by their pedophilliac priests, when one of those jewel-encrusted, solid gold communion goblets would fetch enough on e-bay to pay for Cardinal Law's plea bargain deal by itself. So, firmly in touch with the inherant irony of this rant, I say 'Fare thee well, John Paul II. I didn't agree with you most of the time, but thank God you finally let Gallileo off the hook.'

So now the media, both left and right, once again begins its mindless, groping search for the next teat to feed off. Terri Shiavo is gone; Michael Jackson's trial is nowhere near as interesting as OJ's, and Iraq...well...I'll leave that for Jon Stewart.


Anonymous said...

"I do not know but it is too much to read one newspaper a week."

"We may well be ashamed to tell what things we have read or heard in our day. I do not know why my news should be so trivial,—considering what one's dreams and expectations are, why the developments should be so paltry. The news we hear, for the most part, is not news to our genius. It is the stalest repetition."

--- Henry David Thoreau


Rhonda said...

Of course, there's always the alternative to turn off the headlines and read something new or re-read an old favorite!!!