Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Kinder, Gentler Blog

Hello, Dear Ones,
One of my dearest friends has, rightfully, pointed out that there is much anger in this blog, and she was worried about me. So I will try to be more positive in this entry.

Let's see, how about puppies. That's a good topic. Puppies are soooo cute and cuddly, and adorable, and their little faces are just so sweet, and puppy kisses are the best. In fact there isn't a bad thing to say about puppies...unless you live in a house owned by facist assholes who won't let you keep a pet inside for fear that they might piss on something and ruin the one brief glimmer of joy in an otherwise black and pointless life, so you have to explain to your 7 year old daughter why the puppy she was promised had to wait and now you feel like total shit and you just want to die, except the cheap-assed school you work for won't spring for life insurance, so it costs more to die than it does to fucking live! FUCKING PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Deb. I guess this place just kinda messes with your head a bit.


Love and puppies, Gentle Readers,


Deborah said...

Oh my

Roz said...

Having been the land-lady of a not too responsible pet owner, I can understand the point of view--- but only to a point. I would rent to a pet owner again, but would expect a very large deposit. It cost me over $300 to clean up the hardwood floors and the yard.... ugh. Yes, I know not everyone is like that. And I am sure you are a responsible person (this other guy was a single sword jock--- should have known...)

Have you offered a non-refundable pet deposit? Try that. If that doesn't work, didn't you say you were moving? ;p

Rhonda said...

Gpod thing you're coming back here, then, isn't it??? In the meantime, I find visualization helps... just imagine a cool flowing stream...with the a**hole's head firmly held u nder it.... don't you feel better now? I know I always do...